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Here’s my list of posts sorted out just for your ease. Feel free to hop on any/all of these. I hope I am able to make you smile today 🙂

I Heart You All

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  1. Hello dear MisteriosoDas, love your blog presentation. I think we share many interests like our passion for traveling and reading books. There is just one little thing I totally disagree with: “I would make a terrible poet though”. Why are you saying this about yourself? You are throwing stones against your own roof. Every person is born with the potential to write poetry, only some people will achieve more than others depending on willpower, time dedicated to improve yourself and talent, the latter of which I believe does not exclusively depend on inborn skills, but also on personal effort and discipline mixed with passion. If you love to do something it will be good for sure. Look at me, I am not “a poet” if I compare myself with T.S.Eliot, Sylvia Plath and all my favorite writers. Also, I am in touch with poets who write a thousand times better than me. But I am a poetry lover for its capacity to express beauty and truth, for its concise way. You can express so much with few words put beautifully together. I have also found out that writing and posting poems on my blog has a tremendous therapeutic effect on me. What more can I ask for when poetry is just a passion of mine but not a thing to earn a living with as I already have a good job? You have liked my blog too and you have no idea how satisfactory that is to me. I will definitely follow you and will look at your stories later on. Thank you again.

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    1. I guess you’re right. I never really tried my hands on poetry though I love reading poetry written by the awesome bloggers that I follow. I remember giving a try at them when I was really small and those were so childish😂
      Writing comes easily to me and I guess that’s the reason I stick to it . Maybe I will give a try with poetry now.Thank you so much for motivating me. I loved your blog and now that I know you more, it increases my respect for you. ☺️

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