Artistic Thursday : Be Always Blooming🌼

Artistic Thursday is back and like I believe every painting has a story, so does mine.

I had this vague picture in my mind which I wanted to make that would have the power to provide me peace just by glancing at it. However, I was painting it again with a pallet knife which was new to me. But as I have told earlier, a challenge brings out the best in you and so it did. I love this particular piece of art because I find myself smiling whenever I look at it. It gives me this positive vibes which I feel somehow gets lost in our day to day life. Why dwell on to the negativity? Let us not let the world succumb us to its sadness and darkness. Rise above all and keep spreading love , peace and happiness and that can only be done when you’re happy from within.

So, Presenting before you Be Always Blooming!!!

© 2018 Be Always Blooming by MissteriosoDas

For you to make this blooming art, you would require:

Are you blooming right now? Make sure you’re. Because your surrounding is going to be affected by you. People are going to reciprocate your feeling. So make sure you’re smiling wide enough and spreading it wide enough. We all could use a little bit of blooming world around us. Right? Let me know what makes you bloom. Maybe we can learn something from you.

PS: Keep a lookout for the next post. It’s from one of you. Also, I would love to publish your art and have a post just for you on Artistic Thursday: Share Your Art . Last Thursday I got response from one of you and I was so glad to review and share TANI’s Diy Art🖌️. If you’re willing to be a part of this, do send me your details in my Contact Form. In case you have missed out on what it is please check the post Artistic Thursday: Share Your Art

Help me spread the word. Share it if you like, I would be forever grateful 🙂

I Heart You All ❤

© 2018 Painting by MissteriosoDas
Feel free to Connect with me on Instagram:@missteriosodas ~ Head Full Of Dreams ♥

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