Black Day For India – Time To Stop Playing Safe 🙏🏻

As I write this post there is immense anger, pain and sorrow. That’s the result of hatred. There is nothing in this world that is as strong as hatred and we are supposed to stay away from it. Right? At least that’s what we are taught growing up here in India. Why I specifically say India is because we have seen so many times the wrath of hatred from our neighboring country. I may not be a politically aware person. Neither do I know what other countries maybe going through but right now it’s my country that I am concerned of. When I say my country I am mostly referring to our army men, our Jawans. I am not concerned about my safety or even yours because we are in safe hands as long as we have our Jawans. The question that is constantly bothering me is if they are protecting us shouldn’t there be someone protecting them too? I don’t know who but are we just going to be mere spectators? Watch them die protecting us? How can we be so heartless? Every now and then there will be some attack and will we just mourn? Is that the only purpose of our life?

44 CRPF personnel were martyred in Pulwama terror attack on 14th February 2019. Yes, that’s the day when everybody was busy celebrating Valentines day. Now thanks to our attackers we will know of 14th Feb as Black day too and nothing can beat that. How could they dare hurt our people? Where in the world did they get the courage to attack our soldiers and leave their family in a state of bereavement. I just cannot imagine what their family must be going through right now. For them the pain is going to last forever. When was the last time they met? What was the last talk they had? Was the hug long-lasting enough to not feel the need of it again? What were our Jawans last thought? Most probably Jai Hind. Such people exist. Yes, selfless love exists. I will never know from where they get the courage to sacrifice themselves for our safety. Hats off to them and their family for their support. It takes a brave heart to commit. Unfortunately most of us do not have that heart. Yes, me too but how can we move on with our life knowing that there life just stopped protecting ours?

I don’t want this anger in me to ever fade away. I don’t care if this hatred stays with us because this attack would only remind us of our Jawans sacrifice. It was supposedly Valentine day- the day of love. Right? Love couldn’t win over this time. All I ask for now is let this feeling of anger and dismay stay with you. Yes! move on with your life too. We all will, I know. But don’t let this anger not make any change and go in vain. I don’t know what is it that can be done from our end but India you have my support whenever you need me. I trust our PM to take the best decision and I want to assure him and my country that count us in whatever he plans to do because together we can stop this. Together we will not let this happen again.

As helpless as I feel right now, all I can do is salute and pay my gratitude to the martyrs of Pulwama Attack. Your names shall not fade away. You will be inked forever in our hearts. I got their names from India today

Take a moment to pray for them and their family.

Jammu/Srinagar sector:

1. Naseer Ahmad (Jammu and Kashmir)
2. Jaimal Singh (Punjab)
3. Sukhjinder Singh (Punjab)
4. Tilak Raj (Himachal Pradesh)
5. Rohitash Lamba (Rajasthan)
6. Vijay Soreng (Jharkhand)
7. Vasantha Kumar VV (Kerala)
8. Subramaniam G (Tamil Nadui)
9. Manoja Kumar Behera (Odisha)
10. GD Guru H (Karnataka)
11. Narayan Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan)
12. Mahesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
13. Pradeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
14. Hemraj Meena (Rajasthan)
15. PK Sahoo (Odisha)
16. Ramesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
17. Sanjay Rajput (Maharashtra)
18. Koushal Kumar Rawat (Uttar Pradesh)
19. Pradeep Singh (Uttar Pradesh)
20. Shyam Babu (Uttar Pradesh)
21. Ajit Kumar Azad (Uttar Pradesh)
22. Maninder Singh Attri (Punjab)
23. Bablu Santra (West Bengal)
24. Ashvni Kumar Kaochi (Madhya Pradesh)
25. Rathod Nitin Shivaji (Maharashtra)
26. Bhagirathi Singh (Rajasthan)
27. Virendra Singh (Uttarakhand)
28. Awadhesh Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
29. Ratan Kumar Thakur (Bihar)
30. Kankaj Kumar Tripathi (Uttar Pradesh)
31. Jeet Ram (Rajasthan)
32. Amit Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
33. Vijay Kr. Mourya (Uttar Pradesh)
34. Kulwinder Singh (Punjab)
35. Maneswar Bsumatari (Assam)
36. Mohan Lal (Uttarakhand)
37. Sanjay Kumar Sinha (Bihar)
38. Ram Vakeel (Uttar Pradesh)

To all the brave soldiers of our country,

I stand with you all! I stand with India!
I Salute You All 🙏🏻

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  1. Ashok Misra says:

    Thank you for penning down the emotions tormenting each Indian over the heinous act. May the martyrs’ souls rest in peace and their berieved families well taken care of. Amen!

    1. We can all just hope and do our part so that the families are well taken care of. Hatred or revenge won’t get us anywhere but at least there will be some solace in our heart and a strong message to the attackers.

  2. Baffledmum says:

    Too much hatred consumes this world, its an awfully sad loss…

    1. It truly is. We cannot even imagine. 🤐

  3. DutchIl says:

    “When we begin to build walls of prejudice, hatred, pride, and self-indulgence around ourselves, we are more surely imprisoned than any prisoner behind concrete walls and iron bars.” Mother Angelica

    1. So true and it’s so hard to make them see where they are going wrong. Even love cannot change them if they are caged in hatred.

  4. this is so sad

    1. I know…heartbreaking …

  5. iScriblr says:

    Heartbreaking!! RIP 🙏🙏

    1. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. anne leueen says:

    So many lives lost. Tragic. 🙏

    1. It’s really a tragic. Hope the families get enough strength to overcome this.

  7. msw blog says:

    Powerful post, but I feel like I need to share Martin Luther King Jr words, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    1. So true. Hatred would just make the situation more worse.

  8. amidivit says:

    Amazing emotional post. Do visit my post ‘Lahu Ke Do Rang’ dedicated to the martyrs of 14/02/19 Pulwama Kashmir, on the below link
    The above link is followed with a youtube video too on that page once opened.

    1. Thank you for sharing your link. I am looking into it right now.

  9. floatinggold says:

    How terrible.
    I too, feel for those who selflessly go out there to protect us. We get to stay here, mostly safe and oblivious.
    Respect for them, for sure.

    1. Absolute respect for the real heroes in our lives.. _/\_

  10. charlypriest says:

    I can relate to some point, here in Spain we had the ¨ ETA¨ terrorist for 40 years now.

    About your soldiers, I´m not exactly sure if they are a conscript army or what, I did serve myself in the army and deployed to a very ¨nice¨ country near of India. We are volunteers in a job that we know it is ugly at the same time rewarding, I´m glad you care about your soldiers, that is for sure. But it is a job they chose, as I did and a lot of other people did.
    Hatred is a powerful word which I can relate too much, but is not good in day to day life.

    1. It feels a priviledge to connect with you over here. We cannot imagine what it takes for you to love your nation as much. Hats off to that. Truly said, hatred isn’t the answer to anything. More loss of life, if not anything else.

      1. charlypriest says:

        We do love our nations, hopefully each one in their own nation, but as our priest in the army said the first week of basic trainint, ¨this is a job¨, like anyother job, a bit dangerous to say the least but a job.

        I felt hatred and still do to a lot of certain type of people, and I can´t sleep. So I figured to first read and then write about some crazy thing, takes my mind out of hatred.

  11. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Jai Jawan, Jai Hind! Respect and a thousand salutes to each of those bravehearts!

    1. Jai Hind! And now with the recent turn of events, more respect for our army men 🙂

      1. Absolutely!

  13. We’re on this earth for a fleeting moment in time and still we can’t live in peace – tragic!

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

    1. Such is the hard truth of today’s world. Can’t deny. :/
      It’s my pleasure. I loved your blog <3

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