When You’re Innocent Yet Scared 🤷

Yes I finally did it. I finally went to the Police Station to report the loss of my ID card . I went with my dad. He always sticks around with me but today he just left it on me to deal with it. ( Suddenly he wanted me to take charge of everything on my own.) Why do we grow up? Duhh!!!


So I stand there with the letter in my hand. The police asks me several questions (when? where? how?) and for some reason I am very nervous. I try to act confidant. But God!!! they sure can make you weak in your knees even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Even if it’s you who is reporting a crime, you will end up feeling like a criminal. Pheww. I tried to act cool and you know maybe joke a little bit( Bad timing!!!) So I shut up finally . He is done with the process and I am thankful to get that stamp in my letter.


I come out of the Police Station and dad tells me “you did good. You’ve to learn to deal with such things on your own”. So he motivates me with his little speech after which I feel like “if I can do this I can do anything in this world”. I just need to be in the right path with full determination. There you go. I just gave you and myself a little Monday Motivation. Oh also I learnt if you lose your ID card, you lodge a diary and not a FIR. See I taught you something else too.(If you weren’t already knowing)


PS: I later came to know lodging a diary wasn’t required at all . All I needed to do was send a letter to the facility team. That’s it. To think that I increase my own work. -_- I guess I wrote it too soon to thank me. Let me know if you’ve ever been to a police station to lodge a complaint before or otherwise. How was your experience? Did you get scared too? Can anyone make me understand how our mind works. Why do we fear something when we know we are innocent?

Meanwhile Stay Safe. It’s Monday!!! Ever wondered What If Monday Could Talk? 🎭. Who knows what else they can do.

I Heart You All ❤

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38 thoughts on “When You’re Innocent Yet Scared 🤷

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  1. You’ve done great as you managed to face your fears and dealt with them. Your Dad seems awesome as he handled you and the situation extremely well.
    I guess you feared the unknown coupled with the fact that it was an important matter. I bet if you had to go again you wouldn’t feel as afraid or not all. It is a completely normal feeling and even me, at 53, still feel the same when I have to deal something important with an unknown entity.

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    1. That’s true. He always makes sure that I fight my fears and overcome it. The presence of him by my side always gives me courage too. I guess you’re right. In case I have to go there again I will be more chilled out this time(Though I really hope that situation doesn’t arise) Thank you for understanding me. 🙂

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  2. My first day with police was hell for me, I was shivering like one who stood on iceberg with bare foot and they certainly used it to exploit my emotions.

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  3. I haven’t filed any complain in a police station but I had been to a Police Station to get a Police Clearance as part of a job requirement. Haha. But I guess the mood in there will make you feel anxious..

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