How To Get An Indoor Swimming Pool Against Your Wishes🏊

You heard it right. My house decided to have its own pool. I got the hint when I was doing my laundry. I hate doing it BTW. The hands get dirty and you have to use so much of muscle power to get the dirt off the collars. Phew! That’s a lot of task. Isn’t it? So I switched on the washing machine. What? Did you think I was going to do it manually? Erm nope! Putting the clothes in the machine, literally throwing in the washing powder and switching the machine on. These all involve in you getting a bit dirty and well, using a little bit of muscle power. Isn’t it? 😛 Trust me. I have my reasons.

So everything was working just as planned. The main plan being laying on my bed watching Netflix. The thing is I got engrossed in it so much that I failed to see that slowly I was surrounded by a 1 feet deep water. I noticed it only when the door bell rang and I put my foot down in search of my slippers. The exact thought? I am so dead.

But Wait!!! That’s not just it. The water had spread evenly (if I might just add) throughout my 1 BHK that I live in. The pipe from the washing machine had somehow freed itself and was doing its own snake dance while vomiting the water. It was such a nightmare. Trust me. It took me 2 hours to soak the water in towel and squeeze it in the bucket because there was no outlet as such where I could just sweep the water out.

Do you think the washing machine took its revenge on me? I think I have never worked so hard before in cleaning my house. Thankfully my recliner and my bed was safe. I should definitely treat my machine with love the next time. 😉

PS: Has anything crazy like this ever happened to you? Maybe you thought it would help you but eventually it just increased your work? Let me know so that even I can have a little laugh or so 😉

I Heart You All ❤

@Featured Image from Pixabay (My case wasn’t such disastrous though) 😛

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42 thoughts on “How To Get An Indoor Swimming Pool Against Your Wishes🏊

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  1. Lol. Your picture was more dramatic. I thought you were swimming 🏊 😜. Not too long ago my AC unit was leaking water 💦 because I turned off the vent switch. So I visit the basement after a week only to fine a large pool of water. It was some work for sure. 😀

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  2. The picture was great.
    I’m sorry you had to go through all this. Water can be annoying for sure. Glad it didn’t damage anything. When I was a kid, my house flooded quite a bit, and we had to re-do all the wooden floors, because the pieces swelled up, they didn’t have enough space to lay flat, so we had mini mountains all over the rooms.
    In my previous apartment, I wanted to soak some dishes, so I put them in the sink, and opened hot water to fill up the sink. And then I walked away to clean the bathroom. Of course, I forgot about the kitchen sink, and before I knew it, the kitchen was flooded.
    Feel better yet?

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  3. Tell me about it. It must have happened years ago with me and it makes my parents go ga-ga when they got home. It was babbonary on my part, not because water was out to spaces unknown to me and wiping everything left me temporarily dead, but it was me who proudly took responsibility that I will look after machine after so many warnings. Lesson learnt.

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  4. Hey! That’s a great story to be told on parties…
    Well, a few months ago something similar happened at my place. The valves of the pipes at my sink leaked and the whole bathroom was flooded. Of course, it happened over night, no one recognized it and the water was really high when I stepped into the bathroom the next morning…
    I’m glad, that there’s no further damage to your apartment, because water inside of a house can do a lot of damage!

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  5. Oh my Lanta! Sounds like a moment of fun and a lot of hardwork too. Well.. like they say, we learn from situations like these. You can clearly blame Netflix, you are totally not to be blamed here :p
    Btw nice work with the picture there! :p
    Just out of curiosity, who was at the door?

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    1. Trust me, It was no fun but all hard work for me 😛 Of course it was Netflix fault. I am innocent in this. BTW when I went to open the door. there was no one. I don’t know if the person left by the time I swam and reached though 😛 Or maybe it was God knocking 😉


      1. This is one experience wirth sharing with generations to come…your children…your children’s children etc.
        And there was no one at the door? Was it a ghost? But just imagine if there was no knock…the situation could be far worse.
        All said and done…loved the narration of the incident.


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