Double Trouble – What Goes Around Comes Around|Finale|Thriller

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“What Goes Around Comes Around”

The next day while her mother went off to work she stayed at home. She wasn’t ready for college yet. That’s what her mother had said. She prayed for the day not to end. Things were getting eerie with each passing night and everyone around her was giving her chills. Maybe she was overreacting.


What the hell! The ping startled her. She hadn’t switched on her laptop since morning. Or had she? Argh! Her memory!!!

Amanda: Were you thinking of ditching me tonight?

Elle: What? No! Why would you think like that?

She panicked because, to be honest, she really did think of ditching her tonight.

Amanda: Chill. It’s past our chat time and usually, you’re pretty punctual. Tell me, How are you doing?

Elle: I don’t know. Things are getting pretty weird. I feel like someone’s watching over me.

Amanda: Well! You know loved ones do watch over their favorites.

Elle: That’s creepy and not helpful at all. I don’t even remember who all died in my family and under what circumstances. :-/

Amanda: Okayyy! Then maybe it’s the medicines. They do mess up peoples mind sometimes.

Elle: Yeah. You’re right. That’s what everyone around me says anyways.

Amanda: It’s time you stopped worrying. You know. Next time you see the shadow tell it Amanda says Hi 😉

Elle: Why not! Listen, my mom just called me downstairs. She needs some help. I will talk to you tomorrow? 

Amanda: Did she really? Isn’t she at the church right now?

Elle (What the….How did she know she lied!):  She just came back.

Amanda: Ohk. You know you can tell me if you don’t want to chat right now.

Elle: Do you read minds or what! FYI She really is here.

Amanda: Don’t get all worked up. Tbh I know that’s where she goes every Wednesday night. Right? 

Elle: Yes…

Amanda: Well then hurry. Shouldn’t make someone wait for you. I know how it feels to wait and I hate it.

Elle: ok…

Amanda: Tada

User logged off.

Elle pushed the laptop away from her. Her cheeks were burning red and she was shaking for some reason. Where the hell was her mom when she needed someone by her side. Her mother sometimes worked double shifts because she was the only earning member and today was one of those nights when her mom would be late but right now she needed her. This feeling was killing her and there was no one she could share it with except for the shadow who was mocking at her. The lights started flickering and before darkness surrounded and tormented her, she took the sleeping pills and tucked herself in, hiding her face in the pillow. She could feel the images forming in it. Surrendering herself, she slowly fell asleep but did she really sleep?

It was midnight when she woke up. It was chilly out there and her body was strangely cold. Weird because it was summer and it had been mercilessly hot. The surrounding wasn’t familiar either. How did she reach there? Standing up on her feet, she felt immense pain in her body. She had scratches all over her. Shit! She had told Amanda about someone watching over her. Arghh!!! She shouldn’t have. She wanted to run away but where to? She didn’t even know where she was. All she saw were shadows. Not one but thousands of them and they were all coming towards her. Panic-stricken she hoped this could be a dream. She must be hallucinating. Right? This couldn’t be true. She pinched herself hard in the hope to wake up but it was no dream. She could feel the pinch and the shadows were still there.

Do you think she is scared? 
Of course not! She better not. Come to us, darling! Now don’t make us run for you.

The shrillness in the voice was spooky enough for her to run for her life till she stumbled upon a big stone and fell over. With blood oozing out from her head and hand, she took the support of the stone nearby and started getting up, only to see a familiar shadow running towards her. Confused, she tried to reach out for her hand and shout for help but it was useless. The shadows had surrounded her by now and in an attempt to run she slipped over someone’s blood. Her own blood! GROSS!!!
Then she saw the name engraved on the stone.
What did just happen?

Susan A. Parker
21st July 1992 – 18th July 2019
When someone you love becomes a memory
The memory becomes a treasure.

Was that… Could it be …. but how?

Does that mean the girl she was chatting with was her Susan A. Parker? A for Amanda? Not possible! How could she chat with someone who was already dead? This Amanda was alive. They even met in person. Nothing made sense. All she knew was that she was in pain ( for sure) and with no clue of what was happening to her. She turned around. The shadows all huddled together. It was the same feeling she got when she had a hunch that someone was staring at her. Only this time it was true and more intense. One shadow distinctly came out.

AMANDA? Is that you? What the hell is happening?

Amanda: Oh! you poor thing! You still haven’t figured it out. Have you?

Elle: Figured out what!

Amanda: You really don’t remember anything. Is it?

Elle: No I don’t. Please. I want to go home.

Amanda: Shh! Shh! Shhh!!! I hate tears, Elle. You know I can’t see you cry. 

Elle:  Why are you doing this to me?

Amanda: Why? Because you have hurt me. You don’t remember us being best friends. Do you? How could you forget me, man? You should have figured it out sooner.

Elle: Okay! I am really sorry Amanda. I really am but nothing makes sense to me right now. Please let me go. I beg you.

Amanda: Please don’t call me Amanda anymore. You know who I am by now. Don’t you? You saw the stone. Amanda was just my mom’s name added in mine. I just never shared this fact with you.

Elle: Sarah? 

Sarah: Ahh! After such a long time. It feels like music to my ears. Nobody here calls me by my name you know. I miss it. 

Elle (not having the courage to look at her eyes): Why did you bring me here?

Sarah: You never had patience. Did you? Okay! Fresh things first. Remember I gave you the first ride of your life when I learned to drive my brand new car?

Elle: No…

Sarah: Remember you giving me the last ride of my life?

Elle (shifting glances): Excuse me?

Sarah: I would have forgiven you, Elle. I wouldn’t have come back for you but you left me no choice. You said we would live together and die together. That’s what best friends do. No? You shouldn’t have made fake promises.

Elle: Forgiven? Wait! Are you telling me that you died because of me?

Sarah: Killed would be more appropriate dear. Don’t you think so? I wish you hadn’t lost your memory, Elle or… lived a lie! I waited for you right here. You never visited me. You didn’t even cry over my dead body. I always hated waiting and you knew it. You hurt me bad. I had been alive had it been not for you.  I told you not to drive that night. You were drunk and what was it that you said? I just can’t recall. Something like…

Elle: You can count on me like 1..2..3…

Sarah: Ahan! So you do remember…

Elle (looking down): Of course I remember you, Sarah. I loved you but you had become a pain in my life. I loved your boyfriend but he wouldn’t even look at me. The accident… That was the worst mistake of my life. I was drunk, high and vulnerable. It wasn’t intentional but I didn’t try to stop it as well. I had very little time to decide what I wanted. I could either shift all the blame on the dead girl or end up in prison myself. What was I supposed to do? By the time I put you on the driver seat I fell unconscious. When I woke up I saw the media went berserk. I had no choice but to act like I had lost my memory. I was scared. I didn’t have the courage to face the police or your parents or as a matter of fact, “YOU”. I thought nobody would know and this situation would phase out and I could start afresh soon. Then I met Amanda and it felt good to have her by my side but then things got creepy. I should have known. Look I know what I did was very wrong but I can’t go to prison. I am too young. 

Sarah: I would have never known the real you had I not died Elle. It hurts to think I adored you so much while you only think about yourself. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go to prison. I have something better planned out for you and trust me you won’t like it.

Elle: What? You have already made .. life hell… I have so uhhhh…. my… head…I have so… much to do… I … want to….I…

It felt like the whole world was shutting her off. She couldn’t complete her sentences however hard she tried. Stuttering she looked questioningly towards Amanda.

Sarah: Being dead has its own benefits, Elle. You unknowingly gave me power. I have been with you ever since I died. You were naive to think you made a friend. I can be whoever I want to be now but your friend? Never! Your lies kept me alive and now your lies will eventually kill you. I told you, I wouldn’t have come after you but you left me no choice. The fake medicines that you were taking weren’t fake after all. Reverse effect babes. It’s all Karma.

Now you really won’t remember anything.

You will keep coming back to this place in search of your answer but you won’t get any. I will always be by your side as your shadow. You will always see me in your dreams and hate me but at least you will have your own house to live in while here I rest in peace. I am not done yet, Elle. I am not yet finished. I will make you pay for it. 

Doctor, is she going to be fine? Sobbing, her mother asked. When she couldn’t find Elle in her room, she had gone frantic. There was only one place where she could have gone to.  They had indeed found her lying in the graveyard near her best friends tomb. Poor girl! The doctor said “It must have been a big loss for her. Even though she has no memory of it, her heart is taking her to the tomb unknowingly”. Though he couldn’t explain the marks on her body. He suggested maybe it was her inner frustration that she kept hurting herself. If she continued hurting herself then they might need to get her admitted in their mental ward.

Her mother tried everything but nothing could bring Elle back to herself. She would end up visiting the graveyard even after getting locked up in her room. How? It remained a mystery to all. She started talking less, eating less and sleeping less because sleeping only meant more nightmares for her. Her eyes would always search for something but it was more of a blank stare. At times she would end up crying for no reason.
They could do nothing to bring her back.
There was only one constant in her life.

2 weeks later

Elle opened her laptop and stared at the black blank window till

Amanda is Online!

Closing her laptop, Elle tied her shoes, held hands with the shadow and jumped out of her window. The shadow helped her tiptoe so no one would notice. She did not know where she was going but again, the shadow knew where she was supposed to be. She stopped and stared at the tomb with blank eyes.

Sarah Amanda Parker
21st July 1992 – 18th July 2019
When someone you love becomes a memory
The memory becomes a treasure.

Elle took out her knife and started rubbing it on the stone near her friend’s tomb.
Her tomb was work in progress. She would need it soon.

This story has two parts in total, this being the Finale.
You can read Part 1 here: Double Trouble: Shh! Shadows Can Talk |Part 1 |Thriller

Hope you guys enjoyed this short thriller. I would love to know your feedback.

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