When Cooking Is Just Not Your Cup Of Tea ☕

The irony being that I am not even a great Tea maker. I am a great match maker though(If that helps maintain my self-esteem). However, that’s not my issue right now.

Introducing my new enemy (after Sun ) : The Cooking Monster !!!

I can be (read: am) a total mess in the kitchen. I don’t know why though. My mom and sister love cooking and as a matter of fact my dad is a great cook too. Though my mom doesn’t trust his cooking instincts that much (She has to clean all the mess after he cooks) Lol but he does really make delicious mutton that I could die for. You can know more about my mom and dads cooking adventure in Why Women Prefer To Do Their Own Work?

This and many other reasons is why my sister always tells me I am adopted. No I am not. Trust me. Just because I am younger she has always got the upper hand on me. As a child she used to tease me saying that I am the maids daughter and I being the stupid one always fell for her words and start crying. Now that I am clever enough I know that she is the adopted one. 😛 Anyways I don’t have much to complain. I always had a happy ending to my story. Of course she used to get into trouble because of teasing me(to my delight). It turned out I wasn’t so stupid after all. But I was, I am and maybe I will forever be a terrible cook.

There have been times when I left the burner on and forgot about it totally and saved by those near me only to get scolded. (Thankfully).

The other day I cooked fish. Yes you heard it right and yes it’s summer here. I was all sweaty and my parents were (oh so sympathetic) that their daughter was out their cooking for her survival. I don’t need sympathy. I need a cook!!! Period.

It’s not like I can’t cook at all. I just don’t want to. I don’t get the feeling of eternity and happy ending from inside. I have more bruises from oil than I have from anything else that I love to do. If I do feel like cooking something special or just on experimental basis, it’s just a one day thing or a one night thing. No strings attached. I can follow the recipes well enough to bring out something edible but each and every time I am in the process of cooking I feel I need to have a chair and definitely an AC to cool me off. I can cook while sitting. I know there are kitchen rules but can we just include a chair in it? Tell me will that make the process any harder or easier because I clearly have no idea whatsoever.

I know for a matter of fact that there are people who love cooking and it acts as a stress buster. Are you one of them? For me it is just another way of annoyance. Well most of the time when I am just hangry. I love eating but hate cooking. Does that make sense? Do you belong to this category too?

For all the great chefs and well Moms out there do you have any tips for me to maybe become a cook someday? I would definitely like to know if we can include a chair and AC in the kitchen too. That might solve my problem. At least I think so. Don’t you?

PS : I did discover I am more of a starters and dessert person. I can cook small and easy things that would serve great as a starter and of course you don’t need much playing with oil while making dessert. So I feel safe. The main course on the other hand requires time, dedication and a warrior outfit (which I don’t have ) and it seems I am not ready for this serious commitment yet.

For all the hopeless cooks out there,
I Heart You All ❤

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  1. I think I’m the opposite 😅 my mom is what you could call an enthusiastic cook… She loves the idea of it, but can’t actually do it. She can only make candy…. I think the tip is to find something that you really like to eat. Mom loves candy and so that’s the only thing she can cook, anything outside of sweets is likely to be inedible. There have been a few exceptions which she admits were on accident…. But definitely focus on what you like to eat.. Makes it so much easier. My suggestion is to start off small with salad and simple sandwiches and then grow from there. If you can boil an egg successfully, then you can advance to soups and sauces. Just avoid making things that won’t make you happy 🤣😆

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    1. Haha I do hope your mom doesn’t read this comment. She might not give you candly the next time 😅
      I definitely know how to make noodles. But I don’t think that counts as cooking 😅 I do like making sandwiches. But that’s the only dish I think I am confidant enough to make. I like your suggestion. Making something that I like. That would make me an enthusiast too. 😆

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      1. She likes to joke about her cooking also, she is an excellent teacher though. I just do most of the cooking and she does most of the eating lol 😂. She has a gift for instructing others on cooking which is even cooler, and it’s fun watching her experiment with sweets and make candy. 😍

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    1. Thanks for suggesting. I like this new role and I can totally nail it. 😆
      I am great at giving advises too. I might tell them what is missing and how they can improve . (Till the time they fire me from this role) 😁

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  2. You can live in our house and I’ll cook for you. 😜 Kidding aside, if you don’t want to fry, maybe you should do boiling or steaming instead. Less cooking and healthier. Haha. Like steaming vegetables or boiling eggs. 😁

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    1. I would gladly eat the delicious food you make G. Just a warning though. I eat a lot specially when it’s home made and I don’t want you to run away so I guess it’s better I manage my food somehow 😛
      Eating healthy? That sounds like a plan. But I really can’t imagine all the junk food in boiled form. Can you? 😁

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  3. Lol this is so funny & reminds me of my family situation. I’m the older sister & my younger sister till this day can not cook! In fact when we were little I used to tell her she was adopted! Until I got a really good telling off from my mum!… She is finally learning now though, she has to for her kids… 😁x

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    1. I can feel your younger sis. We small sisters were always bullied and troubled by your kind😂 Though now we can stand up for ourselves but our parents did make sure then to punish the elder ones. 😛
      I hope in the near future I am able to cook as well. I wouldn’t want my children to starve 😡

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  4. I’m more of a starters and dessert as well. Love to bake. Love to make candy. Have a few staple go tos for dinner (lasagne and beef stroganoff). I’ve recently discovered crock pot meals.. crock pots are wonderful! Give em a try!

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    1. Now that you say that you’re more of a starters and dessert person, I have gained confidence in you. 😀 I will definitely try crock pots.
      I love lasagne but haven’t made one on my own. It would be a disaster if I mess something that I like eating so much. 😁


  5. Warrior Outfit 🤣🤣🤣
    Yeah…it’s like a battle ground if you have no interest in cooking, it does feel that way.I started off like that but now somewhat a decent cook and finally enjoy my time at that.

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  6. My mom is a super cook/chef! Even with very little or incomplete ingredients, she’ll make you a delicious meal! I remember when I and my brothers were younger, she always calls us to watch and observe when she cooks. None of us three became good cooks though! Specially me! Cooking is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me until very recently. I’ve started cooking my meals almost every night! I can cook like maybe 5 dishes quite well but that’s it. I try new things once in a while but let’s not talk about it! Haha! But I can bake! 😉

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    1. I think 5 is a lot of dishes!!! 😉 At least you get the motivation to cook every night. That’s incredible for someone who doesn’t know how to cook 😀
      Moms really have that magic in their hands . Don’t they? Even I am amazed at how she can make something out of nothing. ❤

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      1. Hahaha! It’s just that I don’t have a choice. I’ve stopped eating fastfood. And the restaurants near my place don’t really serve good food. And yeah! Moms really have incredible and magical hands! Haha! It’s like magic to me!

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  7. I HATED cooking until I became a mother to a large family and everyone needs a big meal EVERY SINGLE DANG DAY.
    I’ve purchased an Instant Pot and discovered the joy of cooking through it. Much easier, the meat is never tough, and food seems to taste better in it
    Just a suggestion😊

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    1. I guess I wouldn’t want my kids to starve as well. 🤔 I guess I still have time to learn cooking 🙈
      Instant pot does sounds wonderful. I might give it a try. Anything magical can come as a big rescue to me😀


  8. lol the humor of the sister relationship, oh my do I remember hearing the same story from my big sister but I was told I was found behind a garbage can and cried too smh.. haha I laughed as I read this because it was great how you’ve written this. far as cooking I think I cook great but I don’t always enjoy it so now I have slowed down with it. There was a time though where even I had so many oil burns and wanted to just throw stuff (pots,pans etc) that I felt I’d never learn how to cook. But then I became very good at it, I love to try new recipes and even make up my own but there is one catch _ as long as I don’t have to cook for everybody lol then the stress and mess comes and my ocd will not allow it 🙂 xoxo

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    1. You are damn right. I guess as long as I to cooking for myself I might as well cook anything and eat. But if I have to cook for somebody I end up making the food a disaster. I don’t know how though. 🙈
      I guess as younger kids we are too innocent and just fall for everything our elders tell us 😂 But now that I look back I am thankful for all the wonderful memories 😍
      Your comment has really given me a new approach to cooking. I will keep trying. You never know I might as well become a cook someday😀

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  9. I COMPLETELY understand. I hate to cook! In the kitchen I am lost and uninspired. It seems like the worst form of drudgery to me: just when you get through one cooking ordeal, you are expected to make another meal because people are getting hungry again. A never-ending punishment. For the past ten years, my husband (who loves to cook) makes all the meals. I do the cleanup. And we both feel we got the better end of the deal. If he is away, I tend to buy ready-made meals or just make a bowl of microwave popcorn. The funny thing is, I LOVE to watch a passionate cook doing their thing. I just don’t have that passion myself. To each his own???

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    1. I loved this. You’re the lucky one. 😂 To watch a passionate cook doing their thing is indeed inspiring. I will prefer that too. I love doing the clean up too. I am a cleanliness freak so that’s the perfect situation.
      Thanks for commenting. I love it!!! 😍

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      1. I totally get that. Pros laugh, but they don’t realize that by doing so, they are pushing you away from doing it. It actually makes you not want to attempt anything if it’s tedious and you have people laughing at you.

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  10. Hahahaha..,

    You tried..
    but not all of us ladies are good at cooking…

    Your strong area is telling a good story..

    So keep at that..
    make humorous stories out of your shortcomings..

    You know you are bad at it.. so stay away from that stove and hot oil…

    Stick to what you do best..

    And disregard your sister comments…

    Thanks for sharing this most amusing story

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    1. Your comment just made my day. I would like to believe what you said and stick to the thing I love doing. No point getting hands burned and not being able to type. That would be horrible. Right? I guess I just found another reason not to cook 😂
      Thank you so much for appreciating my story and giving me such a boost.
      Really means a lot 😍🤗

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  11. Funny post and I like your sister’s sense of humor too. The secret to loving to cook is finding someone that loves to eat it! If my husband didn’t love my cooking I would never had started my blog! He has had a different meal almost every day since I started my blog and loves it!

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    1. Wow!!! A different meal almost every day? What do I have to do to be in the place of your husband 😂
      Thank you for appreciating my post and giving the tip too. I instantly fell in love with your blog even though I don’t cook. So I guess keep cooking and inspiring me 🤗

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  12. I’m the opposite too. Even though not everything is for everyone, cooking is something that I’m passionate about and believe that anyone can do it. Can I propose an alternative, try and write you favorite dishes on a piece of paper. Then try and imagine how would you like them to actually taste for them to be perfect? Go on amd do it yourself! I was quite a bad cook when I was 18/19 but I started by making ny favourite ones first because if I did, I cared more about getting them right! I think that’s why a lot of people start with making dessert, everyone has a sweet tooth 😊 and because you like it, you actually learned how to do desert.

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    1. That is actually true. I love dessert and so I find it easy to try and make something that I like. I never really thought about something else. Yours is a great idea to begin with. I am going to try and list down whatever I like and then plan on it. Thank you so much for sharing cooking skills with me ❤


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