Styling Wrap Dress Under Rs 499 Ft. Symbol

If you know me at all, I am always in the search for some good outfits that do not cost me my entire salary. 😉
That being said, I agree I do tend to over splurge at times but most of the time, I am shopping with a budget in mind without wanting to compromise on the quality.
I have no issues with high-end brands but if you’re someone who likes to shop a lot and wants to go easy on pocket then this is one dress that I would highly recommend.

Classic sea green color and fits like a glove!

The material of this dress is Crepe and while I know there are many who avoid wearing crepes, for me, there is no such issue. I personally love the way it fits and that’s mostly because it’s of crepe.

It’s not exactly a wrap dress, it just gives a look and feel of it which I think is so clever because I don’t have to worry about the slits.

There are 3 color options (Black, Green, and Red) and I chose this because the color is truly unique.
I bought it for 699 INR but Y’all the price has reduced to 499 INR and I might as well buy the black and red dress. Someone stop me! Please?

I paired it up with my favorite Stilettos from Dorothy Perkins and opted for a minimalistic look.

This dress in particular can go for your date nights, business meetings, or even on a brunch. Its versatility at such an affordable range is what amazes me and makes it one of my best buys.

The key to playing Dress up is to be comfortable yet make it look like a Posh affair. No?
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • 100% Polyester (heavy Crepe)
  • Midi Wrap Dress
  • Brand – Symbol
  • Price-499 INR

PS: Are you brand conscious when it comes to shopping? Would you prefer to buy something at a lower rate with an acceptable quality or go for high-end brands and be fine with having spent a lot more?

Whatever your answer be, I respect you for your choice. I am pretty happy with the quality and fit of this dress at such an affordable rate.
After all, Shopping is therapy and we all need it to stay sane. Whatever keeps us happy. 😉

For all the shopping maniacs out there,
I Heart You All  

© Featured Image and Content Images by Rimika
©October 2020

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  1. I like it when things are well made and will last me a while so I don’t mind spending a bit more for those. With that said, I have plenty of cheap stuff because they just do their job well. Great photos!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!

    1. missbindas says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

  3. librepaley says:

    the colour is stunning on you.

  4. Toma Ruh says:

    Beautiful! I thrift shop most of my clothes or try to find brands that are more sustainable than those of fast fashion. 🙂

    Toma ❄️

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