Yay!!! Head Full Of Dreams Nominated For Best Blogging/ Writing Blog 2019 🎉

Spoiler Alert : Time to vote Guys! 🌺

So, where do I begin from? I have a secret to share and I can’t keep it within me anymore. It’s not like a fresh news and those following me on Instagram already know about it but I haven’t shared this news officially with you all. It’s huge so let me take a deeeeeep breath. Oh wait! The title already spilled the beans. Isn’t it? Anyways! Here it goes.

My Blog ” Head Full Of Dreams” has been nominated for the Best Blogging/Writing Blog in the Annual Bloggers Bash 2019. Eeks!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I am ever so thankful to those who nominated my blog. I have been tap dancing with joy for quite sometime now. 😀 If you wish to see me continue my happy dance then you have got to vote for me. I am counting on you all since I cannot win this without your help.


All you need to do is click on the link : https://annualbloggersbash.com/2019/04/10/the-annual-bloggers-bash-awards-2019-vote-is-live/ and scroll down to the first category Best Blogging/Writing Blog and vote for Head Full Of Dreams. That’s it. No need to login, just vote for your favorite blog( preferably me) 😉
This is how it’s going to look :


PS : Vote for me only if you enjoy reading my blogs and you think I deserve this. It would mean the world to me. Drop in a comment if you have voted for me or if you’re going to vote for me. Each and every vote counts, I would appreciate if you would share this with your near and dear ones as well. 🙂

Always in for a healthy competition. May the best one win. 🙂

I Heart You All ❤

Feel free to share and re-blog my posts if you like them. For daily updates and to know how’s the new house you can connect with me on Instagram:@alwaysmissbindas ~ Head Full Of Dreams and Twitter: Missbindas ♥

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