Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Namaste! Salaam! Ohayo!  Merhaba! Shalóm!

My head is full of dreams and I am glad I am writing it down. ♥ 

I love to dance and love to freelance. (I would make a terrible poet though) -_-

I believe my blog is my happy place where Mondays can talk, Thursdays can paint and Dogs can write, all with a hint of humor in it. I love to create stories putting myself in the situation. It helps me to play with the scene and send out a message. Like wise I also believe every painting has a story to say and I make my paintings say its own story. 

If you want a bit of laughter in your life, you can definitely get some from my Blog. I try to be witty and funny and to tell you the truth, it might be my defense mechanism to avoid uncomfortable situation. So lets just assume this is a clever blog. Okay? Okay

I love travelling so I will make you see the places I roam through my eyes. ^_^

I love reading books, so much that I used to hide in the washroom during exams and read story books for hours!!! (I think I just gave away a bit too much of information) -_-

If I would like anybody to remember me it would be : The girl who made me laugh when ….. I leave it for you guys to fill in according to your mood ❤


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