Do You cheat On Your Dogs?📝

Welcome back to my diary humans. I chewed my last pen in anger yesterday. I thought it was a bone.(My mistake). Anyways my human gave me a brand new pen🖍️ which claims to be cannot be chewed. I will test (read taste) it and let you all know. I will jump straight to the point.(The sofa actually because the human lap is not available right now).

Do Dogs get jealous? Of course they do. We are very particular about our territory. I feel betrayed somehow. Fine let me wag my tail a little bit and get back to writing this journal.📝

It was around 5 PM. I was doing great . I just had my afternoon nap and was playing with my tail.(You know where I try to get hold of my tail but it keeps going round and round and then I have move round and round). Well you really have to be a dog to understand that!!!🐕

Anyways, the bell rings and supposedly the humans next door have to go somewhere and they had to leave their doggo with us for few hours. Why shall we puppy sit? These pampered pups never grow up!!! I remember when I was a pup. I was too cute to be true.

#TBT When I was almost 1-year-old.

I snap out of my throwback moment.

Below is my nightmare come true. (Puppies with a weak heart DO NOT WHINE)

My human is getting all cozy with the doggo. The doggo is now jumping on MY HUMAN. But he is a monster. I can smell it. He is trying to scratch my human. That’s my territory. I bark out loud. My human shushes me. A magical spell has been cast on her. I have to save her!!! I am growling now to bring her back to senses. She is obviously not enjoying his company. You can totally tell it from her look in this photo.

Who has such evil eyes? Only Evil dogs!!! Period.

You might get confused from her smile. Even I was . But if you really see, it is her forced smile. (But you really have to want to see it).

Thankfully my human gets a call in her phone and leaves the doggo alone. I would like to believe it was from my God-doG. I am relieved now.

PS: I lent my hat to my human for this photo. She likes to believe she is the James Bond of the blogging world waiting to be discovered magically (My human sure can make me laugh sometimes). I trust her though. She makes my tail wag. I just hope she stays away from other doggos. It just boils the good bacterias in my stomach.

Have you been a good human in your life and not cheated on your dog? I am sure you must have. I just hope your dogs didn’t watch you cheat them. Or did they?

You know that is a crime in itself. You got a dog. Be happy . Don’t pat around others. (Wuffing grumpily)🐶

I Heart You All ❤

I feel like her personal assistant promoting her. But My human has an Instagram account too. Feel free to Connect with her on Instagram:@missteriosodas ~ Head Full Of Dreams ♥

72 thoughts on “Do You cheat On Your Dogs?📝

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  1. I patted a nice dog when I was in the vet’s today to buy cat food. She was such a nice old dog and she really wanted my love.
    How could I refuse??????

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    1. If I let the dog do the talking she would totally judge you right now. 🐶But I totally get you. How can we not pat a dog. They are so cute and their puppy eyes calls out my name each time🙈😁 I am with you in this. Haha

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      1. I am a bleeding heart for the underdog or the afflicted. On the train yesterday this poor woman with ice addiction was upsetting the carriage but really she was in pain. Not everyone was mean about it. Just uncomfortable for everyone. I got her chatting with me as I figured it would get everyone else a bit easier. Poor woman was stuffed. All I saw in AA for people like that was they fit into someone’s business system or they fit into someone’s bed.
        I like good people and animals. Animals can totally work it out. You don’t find either in many churches or other financial institutions. Lol

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        1. You have a good heart. I hope you continue spreading love 🙂 The world could use more of the good people like you and the good dogs like (Alll the dogs). It’s really hard to find good people nowadays but there’s a good dog everywhere. Just round the corner 🙂


  2. The owner was telling me what was upsetting her, and the poor old dog had the most beautiful smile and was busting away for me to pat her. All dogs do is give to us.
    Some owners are better than others. All children should have animals in the classroom.

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    1. Dogs are best companion anyone could ever ask for. Sometimes I feel do they really deserve us? There heart is the most genuine and pure. I guess if animals were allowed in the classrooms and I happened to be in that room, I wouldn’t study a thing😂


  3. I have to say, I love your dog diaries 😂 and no I haven’t cheated on my pets but I do know a lot of dog owners who have “cheated”, fortunately they always go back to their dogs and it’s more of just a brief fling and not any serious infidelity.

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    1. Thank you so much. Gives me such a boost. Well to accept the truth I have had flings too. 🙈 but yes just for that brief moment. Wouldn’t cheat my dog ever. But the other dogs are so damn cute too. It’s hard to walk past without patting one😁

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  4. We don’t have a dog (currently) I say so currently because my daughter is dying to have one but since she’s too young to take a responsibility of looking after the dog and walking it every day, we might have to wait a few years more.
    Your post reminds me of a funny meme I watched on youtube. A korean vblogger who posts funny stuff, and he has this episode that before coming hom he pat another dog, when he came home, his dog smelled his hand (haha) and the dog knew he cheated on him/her. Hahaha. It was really funny. I am even smiling while typing this as I recall the video on my head. Ha ha ha 😂

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    1. Ahh you’re right. I remember that video too. It was too funny 😂 You could actually see the betrayed look of the dog.
      A dog does completes the family. I hope you get one soon☺️🐕 They are just the best ❤️

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      1. Dogs are very loyal. Have you watched that movie Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale? Oh, that movie made ma cry many times. Plus of course it’s Richard Gere (one of my fav actor).hehe

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Definitely! Who would’ve love Jennifer Aniston. She’s funny and hot. I love her too. And yes I watched Marley and Me as well and the sequel. Gosh aren’t they just a cute family. Haha. And the truth about being a writer is shown there. Haha. It’s no joke having writing as a job. 😉

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