Do You Remember All The Special Dates?

How often is it that the Sun is with you and the weather is pleasant? It always makes me feel like I should get back to being friends with the sun but it keeps breaking my trust.

I woke up pretty early today being a weekend but no complains this time because I am off to a beautiful place. A long deserved break.

Coincidentally today happens to complete my 1 month of blogging. Well I wouldn’t count my 2 posts from last year. That was just a way to jot down my feelings and I never meant to make it public. I never had any cool blogger friends too. Now it doesn’t matter. I am still maintaining my mysterious image you see. So yes 7th March 2018 is the date when I officially became a Blogger and now I have amazing 520 blogger friends. Pheww!!! I really love and owe you all a lot. ❤️

Now I am the kind of person who remembers every date. I told you I have been serialistically melodramatic through out my life. You know the one who will make your life hell if you don’t remember my birthday. (that doesn’t make me sound too good. Does it? ) 🙈 But I always give them a second chance to make up for their mistakes and treat me like a princess😂

Do you remember all the dates too? What’s your reaction if someone close to you happens to forget your special day? Let me know how you turn the table so that you are pampered for the rest of the day(and well life).

PS: You know it gives you a chance to win an argument later when you can just accuse them of not remembering the date. And eventually winning.🏆 Well that’s the whole point. Right?

I Heart You All ❤

Feel free to share and re-blog the posts if you like it. You can connect with me onInstagram:@missteriosodas ~ Head Full Of Dreams ♥ and Twitter : Missbindas

44 thoughts on “Do You Remember All The Special Dates?

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone. I tend to be sentimental and am particularr about dates, but more so for the memories they hold and how they can be accessed and appreciated again than for commemoration. For example, I’ve never been to keen on holidays, because they personally don’t have too much of an association in my life. But personal anniversaries and dates like that, I do care about those quite a lot for what they symbolize to me.

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    1. Thank you so much. I love special dates too and never forget them and make sure others don’t forget it as well. But I do like holidays. Always something to look forward at. Anything for a bit of relaxation ☺️

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  2. Happy blogaversary! I’m terrible with dates, especially as the family has got bigger & now I need to remember in-laws! So glad for phones, can put everything into calender for reminders!… Have a great weekend. X

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  3. Congrats, dear! I have a hard time remembering dates so I make sure to put them all on my calendar. I forgot a dentist appointment not just once but thrice hahaha. My children call it a senior moment 😜.

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  4. CongratZ on your onemonthiversary and your followers!
    Is it your birthday, too? I kind of got a sense from the post like you were telling us that it is today, or coming soon.
    I used to rely on someone who remembered ALL the dates. But because I no longer can, I have to tackle that on my own. I remember the most important, but am learning to remember more.

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  5. Oh I remember dates a lot.
    When someone forgets my birthday, I guilt trip them while acting like it is nothing😄😄. They always make it up to me in a much better way than they would have, if they had remembered.
    Happy one month blogiversary!

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