How To Be A Santa And Not Get Caught 🎅

Disclaimer : Before you read this further. Hold on!!! I am not going to disclose if there is Santa or no Santa. I feel that’s the magic of this festival. You can be your own Santa or believe someone else to be your Santa. It really depends on you. The thing that matters is are you smart enough to be a Santa? Or are you smart enough to catch hold a Santa. 😉

We will get to that later. But first let’s start with being honest. I love Christmas and why? Well, to begin with, you get secret presents and trust me I love that feeling.

For me, as childish as it may sound, I believe there is Santa for me who is not so secret anymore. 😉 This miracle is something that I have witnessed since my childhood and I would always hold on to it. As a child, I would keep socks under my pillow and would eagerly wait for Santa to fly in from the peep-hole of the main door. That’s where I thought Santa would come in from and I would be really adamant in meeting Santa. I always tried hard to stay awake and watch the door for any sign but then I was also a sleepy girl(still am) and each time I would end up sleeping and then waking up to the gifts miraculously placed behind my pillow. Santa would at times play with me too. He would drop in chits here and there mysteriously and each written chit would be a hint to where my gift could be. Didn’t seem like Santa had a busy night ahead. 😂 but then I must have been a very good girl for Santa to spend so much time at my house. Right?

So many memories and so much fun. All thanks to my Secret Santa who made the day so special with such meticulous planning. I have till date not caught my Santa red-handed. 😀 but let me know if you have? 😉 That would be some fun to know. What’s your side of the story. Are you someone’s Santa? If you’re then you know what it takes to be one. The best time to act like one would be after every one has fallen asleep and if they refuse to sleep then well, stay awake and make chits and drop in here and there. Go get your sleep after that. Let the chits do your work. 😛

PS: If my Santa is reading this I want to thank you for making me feel so special. Love you Santa. Oh and I have been a good girl this year too. (Just so you know) 😋

I Heart You All ❤

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53 thoughts on “How To Be A Santa And Not Get Caught 🎅

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  1. Only my youngest son still slightly believes in Santa, so last night we tracked him as he flew across the world delivering presents. Then when my son finally feel asleep, I put his fights under the tree. This morning I told him he’d busy missed Santa by 20 minutes! He was gutted… But soon became happy after opening his gifts!
    So, I guess… I’m Santa! 🤶🏼

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  2. Thanks for following my blog, and for your likes of my articles; you are very kind. My father was a merchant seaman, and was gone more than when he was at home. So, I became Santa to my younger brother and sister when I was 13. It was good.

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  3. My father was a merchant seaman, and was gone from home much of the time. My mother was losing her eyesight. I was 13 when I became Santa to my younger brother and sister. Never, once, was I caught. I really loved being the man of the house, in all aspects. (I love this post)


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