Why Women Prefer To Do Their Own Work?

This post was originally published on (3rd April 2018) by Head Full Of Dreams (that’s me) 😛 and I thought it would be perfect for Women’s Day today. 🙂 Enjoy!

The other day my mom told my dad to set the table. She was sleepy and dad assured her he would take care of everything. After a while he called out everybody to join for dinner. I came from my room and there it was. The best dinner set up that I(read mom) could have ever asked for. Do you want to join us for dinner?

You expected a fancy dinner? You ain’t getting one. But Call us if you have a fancy dinner spread out. I would love to join!!!

I think there is a reason why mom never asks dad to help her. In my dad’s defense, he did say : An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!! Right now mom is keeping him away from the kitchen.😂

It’s been ages since women dealt with household work and wouldn’t want men to interfere in between. Men would go out to earn and women would stay back and make the house suitable enough to call it a Home. The wife doesn’t really want any help from her husband (More so because even if their hubby’s intention is pure and they really want to help, they end up messing up and increasing the wife’s workload). Thankfully the notion has changed right now and both men and women work so that they can lead an independent life and it is their personal choice of what they want to pursue. That said, I do acknowledge the fact that nowadays even men actively take part in household activities which is great.

However, Playing an underdog here are the Housewives/homemakers. To begin with it is a very prestigious job in itself because that requires more patience than any other job. Also knowing the fact that you won’t get any salary at the end of the month, I bet none of us would be willing to take up the job in the first place itself. I know for a fact, I work because I get paid. I guess the same implies for all of us. We wouldn’t be working for any company just for free. Right? Suddenly we would be seen raising issues to the HR demanding our rights. But what about those who just out of selfless love take care of the house? Make home out of a mere house of bricks? Don’t they deserve to be paid if not by money, by love?

In fact if you have noticed, at times of tricky situations it is always the women(it can be your mom, wife, sister or friend) who provide you the best suggestions to deal with it. Is there something they can’t do? Well there is. They can’t say No. Such big is their heart.

All my love goes out to those who make this world so much better place to live in. Salute to their patience. Salute to their ability to tackle any/all the situations. Salute to their ever smiling faces . Salute to them for their warm hugs. Salute to the super-woman’s in our lives.

Have you met your superwomen yet? Or are you a superwomen yourself. Don’t you think they deserve all the applauds. If yes then go thank them today. They don’t expect much. Just a token of love is enough for them. ♥

Do you have any incident to share where you asked your husband, dad, friend or as a mater of fact anybody for help but that just increased your task. It would be fun to know how you dealt with it.

PS : I love you mom. ❤

I Heart You All ❤

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79 thoughts on “Why Women Prefer To Do Their Own Work?

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  1. It happens with me all the time, if in case (rare case) I ask my husband for help- he surely lends me support BUT it ends up with another task that I need to take care of – disastrous mess all around 😂

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  2. I know this notion far too well! I don’t get hubby, or kids, to do something I need done. It’s much easier to do it myself rather than have to explain precisely how to do the task, even then it’ll probably be wrong or half done! X

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    1. It definitely is easier when you do your work on your own. Even I don’t like to make someone understand and then get it done. However if I ever wanted a glass of water I would definitely ask(read order) my elder sister for it😂

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  3. I cannot agree with your post quite strongly enough. As a male raised by a single mother, I have an immense respect for the fortitude of women. I am surrounded daily by “superwomen”; the majority of my close friends and colleagues are female, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have often gone to them for advice, or have been given it without asking, and I am eternally grateful for the wisdom I have been provided. I am also glad to have the frame of mind that I do, where I am able to openly exchange ideas and sentiments without judgement, allowing for a healthy, respectful dialogue and sharing of responsibility.

    All said and done, I love and respect all of the incredible women in my life who have helped to make me the man I am today. Couldn’t have done it without them.

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  4. So funny!! But your mom asked your dad to set the table, not to make dinner. So your dad’s fault was not to give everyone folks and knives for the apple 😂.
    I also think men are super intelligent as they mess up one thing women ask them to do and from then on, they will never need to do it again. 😂🤣

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    1. Haha, I guess you’re right. Dad was just supposed to set up the table but then he told my sleepy mom that he would take care of everything. LOL He took it too seriously.
      They are intelligent. Couldn’t agree more. Finding out ways to get away from work.

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  5. Superwoman… ahh! I have a section in my book entitled that! I realized I’m better off not even trying. It would help if I had super power. 😁😛
    My father is a better cook than mom. Hubby is a better cook than me. But they make a huge mess in the kitchen! 😂

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  6. At a certain point in my marriage, I (I’m a man) did the cooking on the weekends and holidays. It just kind of evolved that way. Thanksgiving dinner was assigned to me after my ex-wife asked me if I thought I could do better. With my current tiny kitchen, it takes a day and a half to make that dinner, but it is always worth it…

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