When You Accept A Challenge, Give Your Best And Leave The Rest #QuoteChallenge1

Thank you Baffledmum for nominating me for the ‘3 day’s, 3 Quote challenge’. This is quite a task for me. Hopefully I will do justice to this segment. I will try to put up a serious face while writing this and just stick to the point. (God help me!!!)

To begin with, a big shout out to Baffledmum ♥. If you’ve been following her you will know what fantastic taste of humor she has with the perfect blend of being sensible too. You will be in delight if you follow her . So just follow her without any second thoughts.

Listing out the RULES(So glad that these rules just makes life more happening unless otherwise)

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
  • Nominate three bloggers each day

I have been thinking for quite a while of what should be my first quote. I have a quote which is funny(to me) but not sure if you all would find it funny or weird. So playing it safe today. Below is my other (Normal) favorite quote .


Give Your Best, Leave The Rest!!!

This happens to be my mantra for life. I have this habit of taking up things and giving my best into it(whether it deserves or not). I just cannot leave the task mid way even if things are not turning out how it was supposed to. This can be a boon and bane as well. Bane will be when you always be the first one to take up a task in office and then end up getting fully overloaded. You can’t blame others when you know the problem is with you -_-
I wish I could just shut my mouth and not give opinions making others think I am interested in that work. Sigh!!!

Boon would be the satisfaction you get after giving your best. You know you deserve the silent clap(which you give yourself in your mind) . Maybe others won’t reciprocate always . But that’s all right. You know you gave your best and you can just ignore the rest. I have this quote put up in my office as well . That’s my status. That’s my Belief. It’s awesome how I get energized after seeing this. You should try it too.

PS: I am super jammed with work today but somewhere in my mind I wanted to post this first. So here I am , sitting in a meeting room(while others think I am working on the logs) LOL It’s like I am cheating on my work .Sorry but not sorry. I deserved a break. I can totally justify myself. (What is blogging doing to me).

Oh I almost forgot. Let me know whether you want to know my other quote as well. Yes the weird one. But only at your risk. Okay?

Time for My 3 Blogger Nominees to rack there brains now :

  1. Becominghistapestry
  2. Em
  3. Shoniessky

Looking forward to reading your quotes, Also don’t forget to link them back to me 🙂

I Heart You All <3

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    That’s a great quote! No point wasting your time on everything just go for the best! … I really want to know what your weird quote is now! Hopefully tomorrow??? X

    1. Still thinking on it if I should 😂 Maybe I will 🙈

      1. Baffledmum says:

        Go for it! X

        1. Ok then. Pheew 😀

  2. Nice quote….Give Your Best, Leave The Rest…

    1. Thank you ☺️

  3. Siya says:

    Amazing blog. Following kindly follow back please

  4. aamna26 says:

    Wow , Phenomenal job

    1. Thank you🤗

  5. vinneve says:

    I realized you changed your blog theme? It’s easy on the eye.

    1. Is it? I was kind of hoping for a more better-looking blog. I hope this works fine. Thank you so much for noticing. 🙂

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