I have A Thing For Personalized Items📓

Warning: This post might reveal how obsessed I am with this blog right now. But Hey! Don’t judge me yet 🙈

So I bought myself a personalized diary to write my thoughts in it. Big deal? Turns out I don’t have much thoughts!!! Only if I knew it before ordering one. Anyways, with each passing day I keep discovering that I have some traits of Joey. First, I don’t like sharing food and now this. I am just a thoughtless person it seems and well I don’t mind being Joey. 💁

I certainly don’t regret buying this. I am in love with it and it looks super cute. All the more reason I don’t want to write but eventually I have to, so I plan to be super cautious and of course write in my best handwriting Possible.Ever.)


Do you have your own personalized item of anything that you just love and adore?
I have to agree I have a thing for pretty decorations, lighted candles and dogs. ~Always skips a beat~
Do you have a thing for something? Anything?

PS: Today’s Friday and it’s a holiday in here so I have like 3 consecutive days just to myself and my thoughts. 😂
I hope I get some ideas to fill up my diary without making a mess out of it.

Happy Weekend!!!

I Heart You All <3

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  1. DutchIl says:

    Thanks for sharing… the diary has accomplished its purpose..by simply being there it has awakened your mind and you are contemplating your todays and tomorrows, whether or not you ever write a word in the diary… what’s my thing? to follow my destiny, live life and chase rainbows 🙂

    “If you don’t know where you’re going, you may miss it when you get there”
    ― Kathleen Long, Chasing Rainbows

    1. That’s so true. I am indeed racking my brains because of its sole presence. ☺️
      That is such a beautiful philosophy of life that you have. To follow your destiny, live life and chase rainbows. Love it❤️

  2. Just_Me :) says:

    I love my diaries, even though I stopped writing already at the beginning of the year, I still keep them all and sometimes reread random pages… It’s the most personalized possession I have. ☺️☺️☺️

    1. It must feel so good to read about those days. ☺️
      I used to write too. Though for a very short span of time and when I was a school going student 😂 I love to read those now and laugh.

      1. Just_Me :) says:

        Right! It’s funny reading things I don’t remember writing! 😅😁

        1. Totally worth 😀 just love it.

  3. She says:

    I totally get what you mean about personalised stuff, it means so much more when it has something that links it to you. I am completely not ashamed to admit I have a t-shirt printed with my cat’s face on it, and I love it 🙂

    1. I like that! It’s really sweet and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just makes you more connected to the thing that you love. ☺️
      Glad that I found someone to give me company in this.

      1. She says:

        🙂 Any time 🙂 🙂 We are two peas in a pod, perhaps 🙂

        1. Happy to be ☺️

          1. She says:

            🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. floatinggold says:

    That is super neat.
    I like personalized things, but I don’t really have any aside from a key chain here and there.

    1. Thank you 🤗 I guess Personalized items really makes one more connected to it.

  5. Baffledmum says:

    It is cute! I think I might get myself one, it make encourage me to write my thoughts… X

    1. Do get one. Normal diary’s are so plain. Personalized ones would definitely give you the urge to write ☺️

  6. I’m a sucker for a journal of any kind! I have more half completed journals lying around the house… Anyway it’s lovely whatever gets you writing right?

    1. You got it right. I guess that’s what important. Setting the mood right for what I intend on writing 🙂

  7. “Joey” reference 😂❤well my all time favv series

    1. Mine too❤️ Just love watching Friends. 😀

  8. Aditya Kumar says:

    My brother gifted me a diary an year ago after my very first poetry open mic. I wanted to write only the best of my poems there and therefore as expected , I still haven’t written a single one. 😅 Also , my handwriting is terrible…One more excuse !

    A very relatable post ! Loved it

    1. Hahaha.. I am sure the diary will get up filled pretty soon 😀 Thank you so much for appreciating and finding it relatable ☺️

  9. I wish I was a diary keeper and everytime I buy one I write about 5 entries then forgot. Blogging seems to work for me better. Maybe look up some themes of things to write on rather then daily life.

    1. That’s true. Maintaining a blog can be similar to writing a diary. Even I am one of those. Lol
      It’s just that the diary comes in helpful when you don’t want to post but write quite a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

      1. My pleasure

  10. iScriblr says:

    Haha.. I agree, we all tend to become “Joey” sometimes! 😉

    Loved the diary – this reminds me to buy myself a new one! ❤

    1. Thank you and yes you should get one ❤️

  11. rita says:

    Cool !!As for me i write whatever circulates in my turbulent- mind .Guess my blog is my personal space .

    1. Anything that helps you share your wonderful thoughts 😀

  12. ‘Joey’ was the exact though that came to my mind, when I read your sentence about thoughts. You’re doing a fine job here dear, your thoughts are pretty awesome.. and typing them down here… making us smile.
    How old are you, I do love your spunk behind your writing style and the varied thoughts that float through your mind :p

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