When I Proposed And The House Said Yes !!!

I finally shifted to my new house last weekend. A rented one but something that I can say my own for as long as I want to. 

I must confess that I had seen this particular house long ago in a certain app but each time I would skip it conveniently as the house didn’t look quite convincing to me. You know how they say first impression is the last one. In layman’s words it didn’t appeal to me at all. Plain and simple.

I still had time but the only problem was that I had already told the owner that I would be vacating this month because at that point of time I seemed to have had found the perfect house for me though it kept giving me strange vibes. You can know about what vibes I am talking about in my post To Believe Or Not To Believe In Signs ✡️ That house was definitely out of question now.

With just one week left to vacate, I knew I was in a scoop because the whole house hunting had left me with no choice (and energy) but to vacate the previous house. In what turned out to be my frantic effort I went out to look for the house that had left no impression on me whatsoever. To my surprise and delight(Oh so much relief) the pictures seemed to have done total injustice to the place. It had the facilities I had been looking for. The apartment was new and it had lift with proper security. A safe society, nearby mall and proper transportation facilities too. What else do you need? The only thing missing was power backup but nothing that couldn’t be managed.

“One day you will realize you lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones”                                                                     
Isn’t this what just happened? I was running after all that glittered and ignored the real house. I was the one who judged the book by its cover and decided it wasn’t the one I needed. But look who finally came forward to be my savior? I am glad I fell for the house maybe not the first time but the second time and this time I made sure not to let go off it.

I proposed and the house said YES!!!


Sometimes the pictures aren’t telling you the truth until you go and see it with your own eyes. The only thing I get from this experience is never to be judgmental in your life. You never know what or who can brighten up your life with their shine at any point of time. So instead of collecting stones, lets wait for our diamond to show up in our lives with open arms. Deal?

Let me know if you judge a book by its cover too? I do understand we can’t help but get judgmental sometimes. That’s human nature but do you tend to jump into conclusions too soon only to find out that it might not be the case and might deserve another chance? Did you have that acceptance in you to give it another chance? 

PS : Finding a rented house is damn tiring. I wonder what it would be like when I want to buy a house. Right? No more shifting for a while please. I deserve this weekend. Don’t you think so?

Hopefully and thankfully my house hunting series comes to an end for now. Below are the posts you might find interesting regarding them :

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I Heart You All ❤

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46 thoughts on “When I Proposed And The House Said Yes !!!

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  1. I went through the exact same thing with the house I live in now! We saw it advertised but kept saying no because of the area. But when the house we liked fem through we drove past this one & completely feel in love! Funny how things work out! X

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  2. I created lists and lists of pros and cons when I looked to buy my house. I found it impossible because every place had a problem. Until I saw it and the pros and cons lists fell into the dustbin. That is the house I have lived in for 8 years.

    Enjoy the weekend, moving is a stressful business!

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    1. That definitely sounds like my list too. Something or the other didn’t fit and I had to start all over again. The one I am in has almost all the facilities I looked for. Just that power backup is missing. I reasoned out that can be managed.
      The house called out our names I guess ☺️
      Have a happy weekend you too🤗


  3. Wow, you can finally settle in. It must be tough shifting around. I could just imagine the hassles.. I think it is very important to inspect the house and not solely rely on the photos, esp things like checking if the taps aren’t leaking, the door locks are working, the electric plugs are functioning, there’s no holes or the roof isn’t leaking as well (as you know it will be terrible during rainy days). Is it near the main road? (So you can condition your mind if you will sleep with the sound of passing cars at night). Simple things like these are important to take note in choosing a place to live in. Oh and of course, do you think the owner/agent is a person of good character whom you wouldn’t have a problem in dealing with. That I think is very important. 🤗

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    1. It was really tiring. The process of finding and shifting a house can be time consuming. I did check on all the points that you mentioned. The door locks were a bit too tight so I got it repaired before moving in. The house is not in front of main road exactly but the balcony is facing towards the road and I kind of liked it. Not much of noise and something to look at and pass time if required 🙂
      The handover was a smooth process too. You’re right, attitude and character is the most important and that’s an added bonus. ( Unlike the other apartment owners I was dealt with earlier. They were quite rude.)
      Thanks G, your comment was like a checklist for me and I am glad I could tick on it 😀

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      1. You’re welcome M. I am glad my comment helped even a little bit. Hope everything goes well. And maybe the next step is decorating your room according to your preference? That’s exciting to see 😉 esp knowing your creativity in painting. I could just imagine your room will look stunning..

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