Artistic Thursday : Handmade Coasters 🗺️

Recently I tried a new form of painting and I cannot emphasis on how much I love it. I love using handmade stuffs and I thought why not make a coaster that would be pretty and stylish and well most of all, something that I made.

© 2018 Handmade Coasters by Missbindas / missteriosodas
© 2018 Handmade Coasters by Missbindas / missteriosodas

Want to see how I made them? Here’s a little glimpse of my galaxy in making 🙂

I am a galaxy person. I love anything mystical and magical. What kind of person are you? What do you think of these? Should I make more? I am already in love with these and cannot get enough of them. Give me some suggestions of what texture you want the next set of coasters to be and I will make sure to make them and present it before you. Till then, make your own galaxy and let’s all hope we have our happily ever after in it.

I Heart You All ❤

© 2018 Handmade Coasters by Missbindas / missteriosodas
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44 thoughts on “Artistic Thursday : Handmade Coasters 🗺️

Add yours

  1. Real nice blue like my new gravatar. And very good to see some real painting. I personally appreciate more colours in such works for making it more expressive. But you decide. Cheers @ Ulli

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  2. I am becoming so in love with these types of acrylic paintings! it does have a story to tell! i have to have my hands on everything


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