Stop Being Selfish And Shop 🛍️

What’s that one therapy that you need when you’re happy/sad? For me it has to be shopping.

It’s been ages since I was Banned From Shopping Anymore👗🚫. Okay Fine!!! Maybe it’s been just 1 month that I didn’t feed my already fat wardrobe. But I realized I have been really selfish. All I did was care about the health of my wallet. I wanted it to be healthy wealthy and wise. I never thought that by doing this I was actually neglecting my other love. Wise people (like me) believe that if you don’t show your love constantly for something they tend to get sad and depressed. Don’t we always crave for attention and love? Turns out every other thing can feel too, just like human beings.

It wasn’t until today that this realization hit me hard. I was not letting the wardrobe perform its duty. Every morning I would open the wardrobe and see the gloomy faces of my clothes who I know, have got bored with each other and definitely need some new member. To be honest, I find myself staring at them with equal boredom. So I decided I should stop being selfish and shop something. Anything!!! Not for my own sake but for my wardrobe. Even though that would compromise my wallets health but well I have got to balance things. Surprisingly, the thought of doing something this good really motivates me.

(I know I can be really overwhelming at times) 💁

Want to know how it feels? Do a good deed today. Thank me later. Help your wardrobe perform its duty. Don’t neglect the call of your clothes. They need you and a new friend too. It’s time we stopped being selfish.

It’s time for you to shop.

PS: I guess by now, you know that I don’t want to shop alone. A good deed is always appreciated when done in groups. Don’t you think so? Let me know who all are joining me in this good deed. 😉

I Heart You All ❤

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70 thoughts on “Stop Being Selfish And Shop 🛍️

Add yours

            1. I know…even my appetite for more clothes and accessories is never satisfied. There comes days when I look at the stuff and think why I actually bought this…it just lay in the wardrobe staring back at me and then I pass it on to my sis saying it will look good on you 😅

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              1. Oh I know that feeling. Even I end up thinking why did I buy the dress in first place. I haven’t wore it and don’t intend to also. PS: I pass on my dress to my big sis too . She knows though I am very clever . 😅

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  1. With 33 degrees Celsius I really prefer to go soon to a nice lake nearby for cooling down. And my wardrobe usually does not speak to me, may be I am gender-specific deaf in this regard, nothing astonishing @ Ulli

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  2. Well, I am not into “labels” and gender (go by what is in the heart), so shopping is not a issue with me, if it is what I wish or need, I purchase it… normally shop online and then venture outdoors in the sunshine, listen to the birds on other creatures and think “what a wonderful world”… 🙂

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    1. I can understand. That’s not at all bad. I love offline/ online shopping. The only thing with online shopping is you can be totally lazy and browse it for more options and sometimes there is more discount on online apps. Win Win situation 😀


  3. I have a difficult time clothes shopping, so I don’t enjoy it much. I guess I haven’t found the right style that fits me yet. That’s just in regard to clothes though. I’m fine with buying other things. (Hides the new journal I just bought along with the other ten new ones that haven’t been used yet.)

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    1. Shopping of any kind is rejuvenating. So what if you don’t like shopping clothes. I see you invest a lot in journals. 😅 (Don’t hide it, maybe you can sell it someday with your thoughts written in it ) 🙂

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