Know What’s Going On In A Child’s Mind👶

If you have seen any Indian movie you will find loads of singing and dancing (around the tree, behind the tree). As a matter of fact, they can start off anywhere. It can really be hilarious at times but you cannot complete a Bollywood movie without them. Movies teach us a lot. Right? But how much does the mind grabs is totally up to us.

Flashback to the time when I was small and innocent. I have been a movie buff since then. (You know how much I am serially melodramatic). Yes, I learned it from all the movies. I love Hollywood, Bollywood and Korean movies to be precise. Obviously with English subtitles. But that’s not the point. The point is what I as a child used to think of movies then. It is slightly embarrassing and childish but bear with me.

Welcome to the thoughts of my younger version of the brain :

  1. The movie is a one-take show. No cuts and no pack up. All goes smoothly and the actors deliver the movie like a pro. Just like that. 
  2. Remember your favorite song? Yes, I believed it was sung by the actor himself and that too live (not just lip-sync). I don’t know why but I always could relate their voices and I swear it sounded so alike. Not to forget the dancing that came as a package with the song. 
  3. The above two reasons made me admire them so much that once I came to know the real truth I was a bit disheartened. It was like my whole childhood had been a lie!!! (Thank god!!! At least Santa exists) 😉 
  4. Now, this is funny. During the birth of a child in a movie, it would show the pregnant lady lying in bed, crying hysterically in pain and suddenly there would be a crying baby beside her. I would be confused but I assumed that was the process. I actually believed the baby would just somehow appear and the tummy would reduce. As simple as that. If cupid could make two people fall in love, I was sure he would be able to slide the baby beside too. Right? Such good old days when I didn’t really know how a child was born and then I studied biology and that horrified me to bits. My way of analogy was much better. Don’t you think so? 
  5. I have more to offer but I think I will leave it here. It will take some time to digest these facts.

Wow!!! Coming to think of it, “I was pretty lame as a child.” I really lived in my fancy world. Didn’t I? (which I had created and loved immensely though.)

I am sure kids nowadays are a lot smarter. So all these do not imply to what all the kids might be thinking. But this is what I thought. What about you?

Do you have any lame story as a kid or do you remember any instance where you applied your logic but somehow that didn’t turn out to be true in the real world? Let me know if you’re a movie buff too and if you fell for any of the crap that the movie showed. I guess that was the innocence of our age. Everything seemed so easy, so simple and so pure.

PS: Come on!!! Don’t make me feel like I was the only lame kid around with such thoughts.🙈

I Heart You All ❤

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67 thoughts on “Know What’s Going On In A Child’s Mind👶

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  1. Ha Ha ! I had some similar misconception about point 4 regarding child birth ..And was agast when I learnt of the reality ..And still wish God would arrange some other process .😐

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  2. Heyyy!! 😊😀I have nominated you for the 3 Days Quote Challenge on my blog. Hope you don’t mind that.💕 If you are interested in taking part, do check out for the rules of the challenge here, Would love reading them💕💟


  3. Hahaha! This was a fun read! 😀
    As a child, I thought I could get inside the television and join the show. I also couldn’t figure out how a baby born in a movie or series grows up to be 12 then 18 years old in just a few minutes! (Stupid me!) I also thought I could be a dinosaur and scare people.

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    1. Oh Yes! I too thought that the actors were inside the box and if I go behind the TV I can get inside. Never did it work out though 😂
      I can’t help but wonder why Dinosaur?😂
      That’s the best part about our childhood. Such crazy imaginations🙈


  4. I use to love Shirley Temple movies when I was in primary school and now that I know more about the industry and how directors use to treat children and young actresses these movies don’t seem so wholesome anymore. It also took me years to realise Breakfast at Tiffanys was about a call girl lol

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  5. When I was a child I thought that magic carpet is real so I would put down our towel and command it to fly. 😂

    I also thought that you can eat snow. I remembered watching anime/cartoons where they get snow and place it on a cup and put some different flavours on it. 😂

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                  1. Gosh that character who puts out his butt. 😂 We used t watch that on my aunt’s house when we come for a visit. She will turn off the tv and said, it’s not a good program. 😂

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  6. I’m a complete movie buff, it’s my true peace I love it.. omg I don’t think there’s many movies I haven’t seen. From 1930’s to present. Far as a kid and logic hmm there’s many but to pick one it would be i though we all really got to meet our Prince on a white horse LITERALLY 😂😂😂 I was so upset with my mother. I was like the betrayal 😂😂😂😂😂 I truly enjoyed reading back at this

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    1. Haha the dreams that we have as a child and what we imagine in our fairy world. I loved the innocence of our age. If we kind of think now, our whole childhood was a lie😂 but we still love it😀
      I am so glad that you enjoyed reading this😍

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  7. When I was 12, my mom told me that I needed to make a birthday cake for my father. So, I asked for instructions since I had never cooked before. Nothing! Anyway, she told me just to follow the directions on the box. So, I did. It said three whole eggs so that’s what I put into the mixing bowl. Later, when we were celebrating daddy’s birthday with the cake that I had made, daddy asked me if I had put nuts into it because it was a “little crunchy.”

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