When You Are Terrible At Remembering Names🙈

I usually remember names but yes there are times when I am talking to the person like a long-lost friend and all that is processing in my mind is what’s the name of this person. The bonding makes the people around assume that you’re best of buds but all you can think of is “Oh God! Don’t let her know I don’t remember her name.”

It’s understandable though if the friend is your parents. Right? Like how am I supposed to remember someone I met when I was small? They are like “Hey! You have grown up so much. Remember me?” – No I don’t but somehow I don’t want to hurt his feelings and so I tell him that “Of course! I remember you” (Hoping he wouldn’t further ask me about anymore details) but his expectant face reveals how much he is waiting for me to utter his name. Dad??? Come on! Help me!!! He is your friend.


Fine! Such situations are still acceptable but what if the other person is your friend? There is this moment that I am going to share with you all which I am not so proud of. There was this instance when I was out with my mom shopping and I suddenly met someone from my college. We both were from the same batch but different branch and had Hi-Hello relationship whenever we met. She was very excited the moment she saw me and came over to meet my mom and as we chatted my mom expected me to introduce my friend to her. Now, I knew the alphabet with which her name started but got confused between two names. I was deeply embarrassed and felt really bad at the moment. Somehow got over with it but now I am very particular about names and whenever I meet someone I am like I am going to remember you my friend (even if we don’t meet ever.)

Tell me have you ever been in that false position beofre? How did you get out of it? Are you good with names or perfectly imperfect with them. Don’t let me feel bad alone. 🙂

PS: This definitely doesn’t mean I will forget your names. Staying connected makes my memory work better 😉

I Heart You All ❤

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39 thoughts on “When You Are Terrible At Remembering Names🙈

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    1. You will get there for sure. Just make sure to be active and keep making contacts with all the bloggers by visiting and reading their blogs. Commenting and letting them know your views. That way they will come to know about you and you will have a big blog family ❤️


  1. Well, when I first came here, I had to share the room with three other girls, we were all working in the same hotel but they work in a different department. I got closer to one of them and we became friends until I left the hotel. Two or three years later, I was in the clinic and someone approached me. It was her! We were so happy seeing each other though we were both sick. 🙂 She asked for my number because she changed hers and lost mine, when I was about to save her number that’s when I realized I really don’t remember her name! I ended up asking our other friends what’s her name, it’s embarrassing yeah, but well, it happens! 😉

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  2. I am good at remembering names but there is something weirdly in-British about that, as if it doesn’t come across as cool and diffident enough. Sometimes I have to pretend to forget names so admit to seem over interested. Bizarre culture.

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  3. Hahaha! You never fail to crack me up! And no you aren’t alone! But I am afflicted by a forgetfulness of a different kind, I remember faces and names but always forget birthdays and anniversaries- cheated death twice this year when I forgot the birthdays of two of my best friends, despite talking to them on that given day! 😀
    Having said that, having a peculiar name does help. Nomadosauras, for instance 😀
    Cheers & keep blogging! 🙂

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  4. Good post. I am more a face person, I would remember the odd name but no harm in using words like buddy, dude, babe [for a girls] etc (giving ourselves a little more time to “maybe” recollect a name)
    I tend to associate names with a character in a movie or someone else having a similar name – it helps me remember better.
    Especially names like June [the month], Crystal [the Game show] or Ana [Ana-Banana] Of course, forgetting girls names is almost close to impossible (being a guy) – guys names, I would so forget…

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  5. Since we’re on the subject, I do not believe I’ve read your name anywhere on the blog so-far. I am Savio (like the easiest name ever) its supposed to have taken from the Saint Dominic Savio [my parents aspiration on me turning out like him] I have clearly disappointed :p

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    1. You’re really funny Savio. Of course I will remember the name (thanks to the explanation plus your amazing comment) 🙂 I haven’t yet disclosed my name in this blog yet. So I am just Missbindas (chilled out person) for now. 😛 But soooon I will reveal my name. 😀

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