When Spam Acts Like Your Best Friend Forever 👥

Personally speaking, I love reading the mails that get stuck in SPAM. There is a reason though. There is a high chance that I am going to get some good laugh reading the mails and let me tell you this(if you don’t already know) I am a big fan of humor. While your friends may forget to return your money 😉 but strangers never fail to surprise you by their generosity. It makes you wonder what in the world have you done so right to deserve their blessing! Trust me.

There is this sweetest stranger Mr Tony (Yes, he has a name) who keeps on mailing me to send him my details so he can transfer $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United Dollars) in my account. Now I clearly remember my dad told me that my ancestors were Indian. What I don’t understand is the fact that how could my email be found ( in the Central Computer among the list of unpaid contractors, inheritance, next of kin and lotto beneficiaries that was originated from Africa) Now hold on a second! Did my dad lie to me again just like when he told Santa wasn’t real?

Okay! So I got to clarify my originality from my parents again. I can do that. But wait! Who the hell is this villain Mr Charles in my life now who is after my $15,000,000.00 . This is preposterous. According to Mr Tony, he received an email from one Mr. Charles Wright who told him that he was my next of kin and that I died in a car accident last week. Now this is getting serious. I am pretty sure I am alive. For heavens sake, I am blogging. Right? Although if someone told me I was dead before getting this gentleman’s email I would have been fine. But now with $15,000,000.00 in my name, Na-ah! Not a chance buddy. If need be, I would return back from my grave to claim my money.

But can you believe how concerned this stranger is? He informed me that this villain Mr Charles has also submitted his account to transfer the fund to him but he wants to hear from me before he can make the Transfer to confirm if I am dead or not? Can you believe it? Do such angels still exist? Like before making any transfer to Mr Charles he wants to be sure if I am actually dead. I am so touched by Mr Tony’s concern that while reading the mail I had tears in my eyes. Literally!

However, I am not sure what I would do with so much money. More money = More Security and whom are we kidding? I can’t even take care of my own TV Remote. I have already lost it to my Omnivorous Recliners! I better let it go. In fact just his concern is enough for me to know that someone cares for me. I know he is going to be heart-broken and I want to mail him back but I don’t want him to persuade me in accepting the money. Let the greedy Mr Charles be happy for now. What say? 😉

PS : Not every action has a reasonable or logical explanation. I don’t know why and who writes these Spams but they are really getting quite innovative over time. If you don’t yet know, it is actually important to stay away from these mails and I have known people who have fallen prey into this. All said and done, SPAMS can be fun to read when you know what you’re looking at and are not supposed to respond to them. You’re just expected to ignore such mails. Let me know what’s your reaction to such mails? Have you ever believed this to be true? Or do you know someone who actually fell for this ?

For all those Non-Spammers out there,

I Heart You All ❤

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  1. roninjax says:

    I’ve seen my share of these nice, generous emails. I agree with you that they are quite humorous and creative. The sad thing is some people take them seriously and oblige to some degree. As we hear regularly – we should just ignore them.

    1. Exactly! We just need to ignore them. Earlier we did not have such exposure of knowing if it was genuine or fake but at least now people are well aware. well mostly!
      Just glad we never fell for this trap. 🙂

  2. I am happy to say, no I do not receive these idiotical emails and spam anymore since I changed my email-provider. Now mine is Dutch called STARTMAIL and protecting me superb. Only here on WordPress spam passes my way. now regularly from Russia with the simple question What? and this 20 times a single day. What the hell does the spammer wants to tell me? What?

    1. Lucky you and Oh Yes! I know what exactly you’re referring to. Even I get those spams . WHAT? It’s like some auto-generated comment in each post. So frustrating. Really.

  3. Great post. Turning spam into an asset well done

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating 🙂

  4. And somewhere in Nigeria there is the richest, most altruistic man in the world wondering why he can’t give away $15,000,000 ;O) Great post – made me laugh out loud :O) x

    1. Haha!!! So true. Such a sad rich man. Isn’t it?
      I am so glad that I could make you laugh. Thank you for appreciating 🙂

  5. No spam here either. Looks like you get all the good ones! Sorry and glad you found a way to make it fun. 😳😆

    1. I guess you’re the lucky one to be spared from SPAMS 😀
      Such emails just crack me up and is a nice time pass. Lol 🙂

  6. Artemisa007 says:

    Woww! That looks like a TV show!😂😂😂

    1. Oh! Does it? Haha 😂

      1. Artemisa007 says:

        I bet that whoever invented it has a great imagination! Or maybe it’s real… do you imagine how would it be to be rich? Wow…

        1. It’s definitely not real😂 No one in their sane mind would donate so generously to strangers. It would be great however to be so rich. What fun! 😀

          1. Artemisa007 says:

            Yeah, definitely fictional. (Money money money, always funny, in a rich mans wooorld🎶)

            1. Aha-ahaa (All the things I could do, If I had a little money, It’s a rich man’s world)
              Lol 🙂

  7. Someone will send you a message using the name of your bank. How they know the type of bank you use is what I can’t comprehend.

    They’ll say that your bank account has been blocked that you should call the number at the end of the message. If you call them, they’ll request your bank account details.

    That type of spam is common here and many people do fall into their trap.

    1. Oh yes! A few days back I got such call too. He said my card has been blocked and to send me the account no. I was well aware of such calls so I just told him these tactics won’t work with me. In fact I am going to report this number. He got nervous and cut the call.
      I agree, it’s really strange how they manage to get the mobile no. As well as name of the bank.

      1. 😑 yea. People are now aware of that type of message, but I know those fraudsters won’t relent in finding another way.

        1. You’re right. I just hope people become aware of such tactics and not fall for such scams.

          1. Me too.

  8. Baffledmum says:

    There’s too many scammers out there nowadays, I feel sorry for the people who fall prey! Luckily most of mine go straight into the junk folder which I don’t even bother checking… X

    1. I might not get any mails in my inbox but the Spam folder never disappoints me . It’s a great time pass for me 😂

  9. You are too funny 😀🤗

    1. Am I? Okay if you insist 🤷😀

      1. Haha. I like funny bones. 😀

        1. In fact I have always admired the actual Mrs Funny Bones. Thank you so much 🙂

          1. You are welcome MRS. Funny bone 😊

  10. librepaley8 says:

    I am amazed by how many disinherited princes there are who simply need a financial leg up to fight for what is rightly theirs. My sympathies, and I only wish I had the many thousands at my disposal to meet the humble requests of these poor souls.

    1. I know. Such heart quenching stories .Even my sympathies with them and apologies because we couldn’t help . 😂

  11. Melanie B says:

    Reblogged this on Where Passion Meets Inspiration and commented:
    Although it is tempting and would be a dream to come true don’t fall for those scammers! This even happen through regular mail!
    Do your research first!

    1. Thanks to awareness I am sure such cases must have reduced but since they are so persistent in these mails that innocent people still fall in their traps. I hope there comes a time when everybody is well aware of such scams.
      Thank you for Re-blogging. 🙂

      1. Melanie B says:

        You’re welcome! 🙂
        It is always good to raise awareness about this type of scams. People who have not grown up with technology are not fully aware of this and it is important to disseminate information.

        1. Yes, You’re absolutely right in this matter.

  12. Very entertaining post. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristian 🙂

  13. Relatable fun post 🙂 Seriously if everyone who wanted to give me money, pay out a contest (I’d never even heard of or entered) or say they owed me I would never have to work again. People will take advantage in anyway they can!

    1. I know, I wish the case would have been true. We would be listed in the Forbes richest bloggers 😉
      Thank you for appreciating. ❤️

  14. LOL! My mom has had a couple of these. She showed us one once, just for kicks. We all had the same “Wait, WHAT?” reaction. I think it was (supposedly) from a lawyer, whose clients had died or something, and (of course) left no heirs to inherit their (of course) vast fortune. So he wants us to LIE (although he didn’t put it like that — of course) and SAY that we’re relatives of the deceased so that we can have the money. Because OTHERWISE, he says, it’ll end up in the hands of the big, bad government. And we can’t have that, of course.

    Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff??

    1. Really! What do they have for the breakfast? Such innovative ideas and reasonings every time. I guess they are just hopeful that maybe someone would fall for the trap. In fact there are who have believed these scams too. Thankfully the truth about these scams are spreading all over now. Phew!

  15. Hilarious 😂 I’m always to scare if I open those email they will steal my identity

    1. That’s always a possibility. I have been warned too of not opening and reading but sometimes when I am feeling low I just open those for a quick laugh😂

  16. It’s crazy what some people will do for money 🙃

    1. I agree! 🙂

  17. They are hilarious! I once read one in a newsletter which I kept because I thought it was hilarious. I’m posting it here to share. I don’t recall who wrote it but it did come from “The Four Corners Newsletter.” Here it is:

    I am pleased to announce that I have recently received an offer via e-mail to transfer $25,589,000 directly into my bank account – I’m rich!

    I have no idea why I, among the millions and millions of e-mail users, was singled out for such lavish treatment, but I assure you, I will not be selfish. Once I have the money, I plan to share it, generously spending it on highly visible luxury automobiles and enormous yachts so everyone can see my wealth and enjoy it.

    Lest you doubt the veracity of this deal, allow me to quote verbatim from the e-mail in question:

    Dear Sir:

    I am most unfortunate to thinking you may not suspect me as real for we do not know or been introduced, but allow me to say I am Song Lou. I work for No Hen Banq, Ltd, and have the proposition for you of transferring $25,589 million USD directly to your bank account which will be of mutual benefit to you once we have established cordial cooperation and modality. Please GET BACK TO ME ASAP… Song Lou

    Here’s how I know this is legitimate: (a) the dollar amount is very specific – I’d be suspicious of a rounded off figure; (b) he works for a No Bank – I’m a customer of a No Service Bank, which is probably a subsidiary; and (c) he needs me to GET BACK TO him ASAP – Legitimate business people are always in a big hurry. I responded to his e-mail the day I got it:

    Dear Mr. Lou:

    So delightfully I am partaking of your recent e-mail! I would most cooperatively accept your transfer of $25,589 million because that’s exactly how much I need! With much insomnia, I beg for your response… W. James Johnson

    He wrote right back!

    Dear W:

    My associates are speaking most excitedly on this matter. We are requiring only of some information proceedings for rapid facilitation of transfer. Please to forward bank account name, number, routing, and phone for reaching… Song Lou

    Great! I decided I just needed a little bit more information proceeding myself and I’d be good to go.

    Dear Song:

    Most unctuous and florid greetings upon your eyebrows. My concerning is for how the transfer is working. Would you please snorkel your immediate describing of the next notes in the opera? Yours in lasagna… W.

    Dear W:

    Some puzzlement has befuddled us during your last communications. However, we are confident with you as our partner in business for $25,589 million and can lay the goodness of an additional $10 million USD. However, URGENT for response with banking informational details preceedingly requested. Yours truly… Song Lou

    Dear Song Sung Lou:

    Blessings upon you and your puppies. I have spoken with high regard to all my appliances of your keen business skills and shavings. Though much if my lust is bestirred by the $10 million, I am requisite of a total of $50 million and am inquiring of any possibility you and your associates may emerge from their medications with this additional transfer. Also, through the subscriptions of their desires my parents have blessed me with a sister through all perplexity, and she, too, would be willing for a limited time only to accept a $50-million transfer.

    Dear W:

    Though our history suggest you can be trusted with our worthiness, many among us are suspect of you unseriously misdirecting our associations. Please be aware of our availability to the $50 million only if you can be convincing of your honesty! We have no waisting time! Yes, your sister please also bank information with 24 hours for transferring or we will be withdrawn to other matters. Yours truly… Song

    Dear Song:

    All of my follicles are emerging from the dark winter of their hibernations and turning their taste buds to your luscious wrists! Most joyously do I face the soup of your embalming of my sister. My beamings are upon all of the No companies, with wishes for continued integrity at every turn of the pipe. Yours most impeded… Bruce

    They never wrote back, but I’m sure the transfer is coming soon!

    1. Hahaha. I am sure too that the transfer is coming soon😂
      This was such fun reading the conversation. I never knew what happened when someone actually replied. Glad you shared it here 😀

  18. Just_Me :) says:

    Haha! Had my fair share of these spam mails a long, long time ago! Nice read! As always! 🙂

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