Artistic Thursday : MEG’s Block Printing Art 🖌️

Thank you Meg for sharing your art with me. I have never been so pleased before to review an art that in itself is so unique.

Presenting before you Artist Meg


Well, Meg is a huge animal lover(just like me). She is a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and currently working towards her PhD so she can be called Doctor(I am in awe of her already). She loves to make block print cards so much that she approached a local art store where they sold local handmade cards and they bought all her greeting cards. How cool is that!!!

I have gone through all her artworks and have fallen in love with her block prints. She has recently posted a more detailed approach to block printing. Do go check it out. Now I am no expert in block printing with linoleum but google does tell me that it involves a lot a process. Jotting the points in caption(All the images are from megsartwork) Get ready with your tools.

To begin with draw the design you want. Make sure you draw the same size as your linoleum.
You need to transfer the drawing in the thin layer of your linoleum block. Use a transfer paper to use this. Trace all the lines in the block. Now that you have traced it, you have to decide which part you want to carve. Set the design in your mind and begin with the carving(keeping the motion away from your body)
Once you’ve carved, fill in the colors according to your choice. It maybe black and white. It can be colorful as well.
This is the final piece of carved linoleum. For you to print it, you would need an ink roller. Just roll little bit of ink in it and there you go. Your very own block art card is ready.
© Block Painting Art by megisacat

Looks easy right? But I bet it will give us a hard time. Hats off to Meg for her patience with this art form.

Jotting down the things you would require to make Block print cards :

A huge shout out for our multi talented Artist Meg . I loved her fresh approach towards block printing. Below are some more of her amazing block prints :

© Block Painting Art by megisacat
megi 1
© Block Painting Art by megisacat
© Block Printing Art by megisacat
© Block Printing Art by megisacat
© Block Printing Art by megisacat

You can check out more of her artwork in : megsartwork . I am so glad I learnt something new today. What about you? Did you learn something new too? Let me know what you think of her art. I would definitely give Meg’s art a big YAY.

I have always encouraged you to create your own masterpiece because I believe when you can write(Blogs) you’re already creative. So why not give painting a try. You might surprise yourself. 🙂

I Hope I did justice to her art form. I will be in lookout for more of her paintings.

PS: If I get more such requests I would love to review and publish your DIY BLOG/VLOG. Please do mention about yourself (your background details a little bit) so that I can write for you, the way I did this and the way I did for Tani’s DIY Art. In case you want to know what this is all about, please go through my post : Artistic Thursday: Share Your Art

I Heart You All ❤

© Block Printing Art by megisacat
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38 thoughts on “Artistic Thursday : MEG’s Block Printing Art 🖌️

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  1. I was so pleased to see this post as I browsed you blog. I can’t remember what grade it was in, but one of my elementary teachers taught the class block printing. I wish I still had mine, but a lot of my possessions have gone the way of “the bin.” These artworks are fun to look at. Thanks for sharing them. And thank you for recently stopping by my blog and throwing a “like” my way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Must have nostalgic I am sure. It’s the best feeling when one is reminded of their childhood. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you liked it. This artwork sure is fun but I like experimenting. So it’s hard to stick on one thing. I am gonna try this too. Have a great weekend ahead. 🙂


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