Life Of A Donkey On A Monday🐴

Warning : Read at your own risk. A motivational story ahead. If this doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what can.
Any resemblance to donkeys(living or dead) is purely coincidental. The two donkeys in the featured image (who are smiling even though burdened) have just been used as a reference to human life on Mondays and is not intended to hurt the emotions of donkeys.

Scene 1 – Take 30

I woke up and dragged myself out of my bed . (30 times just to make the shot perfect).
End of motivational story. What? For me this is motivational.
However, continuing forward.

Scene 2 – Take 1

Phone battery is low and on the table getting charged. Ample amount of time to analyze the surrounding for a change. (Nothing else to do in washroom apart from the actual business of course).

Scanning the room. Target accomplished.

Shampoo [√] : Expiry date not anytime near. Quantity half filled. Nice!!!

Body Wash [√] : Smells great. Curvy structure. It’s one for summer days. Can it be anymore cooler?

Ant [Ø] : Uninvited Guest. Needs to be killed. Wondering what’s so sweet here?
Oh the moisture. I read it somewhere. Ants like moist places and may be found in window area where moisture collects. (What did you think ?)

Face Wash [√] [√] [√] : Why do I have so many face washes while I only use one.

Spider [√] : Let me think. Of course I don’t like it. But welcome only if it’s bite can transform me into a spider woman.

Daydreaming [√] : Full On.

Bored of scanning anymore.

Scene 3 – Take 1

Rainwater dance in progress (Just like in movies)

Scene 4 – Take 3

What the hell should I wear. I still haven’t unpacked all my clothes. I motivate myself to open the luggage and take out something nice.
Mantra for Monday : Wear something nice to get motivated.

Scene 5 – Take 1

Nom nom nom Cereal and milk.

Scene 6 – Take 1

Off to work [√]

Scene 7 – Take (9-6)

Work snack Work Eat Blog Work snack Work Blog !!!

Lesson Learnt : Be a donkey. Smile even when you’re burdened. I dragged myself to office. Isn’t that motivating enough? A dare-devil I might say. What about you? Did you do anything motivating today ? Are you a dare-devil too ?

PS : Do you feel helpless when your phone battery is low? Let me know if you start analyzing your surrounding and suddenly become Sherlock Holmes.

I Heart You All <3

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  1. witasarmah says:

    Ever since childhood we have been made to learn the only thing about donkey is that they Carry loads. But it’s high time we human must see our own reflection in the mirror…We are wayyy too burdened than any creatures in existence……Anyways, it was undoubtedly hysterically funny and at the same time a well demonstration of what we really are…..Love to read you,😘😘

    1. I know we are basically another version of donkey. Can’t hide the fact by telling that humans have descended from monkeys maybe 😋
      Thank you for appreciating and laughing along. That’s the whole point anyways. To laugh a little bit in this monotonous monday. ❤️

      1. witasarmah says:

        U r so welcome…

        1. 😀❤️

  2. It was indeed funny as well as motivating 😁 It was worth reading 😄

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating 😀

  3. Graci says:

    😁 your post always give a smile on my face.. really love the humor you inject on each one of your post.. 🌻

    1. Thank you Graci. You’re too sweet. I am smiling wide now ( maybe tap dancing a little bit too) 😀

      1. Graci says:

        Haha. We can dance together. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻And I am glad I made you smile. 😍

        1. Who is the third dancer here? We are only two right😋 😀

          1. Graci says:

            Hahaha. 😉 Anyone who would like to dance with us. 😊

            1. I guess everyone. Because we are Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand after all. 😋😀

              1. Graci says:

                😁 M.. this made me smile.. haha.. good morning to you!

                1. A very Good Morning Graci😍 The day started with a smile so it’s going to be great😀

                  1. Graci says:

                    It turned out great, thank you 😇 I hope yours too ❤

                    1. That’s good to know. Mine too was a pretty productive day 😇

  4. indishe says:

    Loved the analogy of man and donkey

    1. Thank you so much 😀

  5. Baffledmum says:

    Forgot to charge my phone last night! Woke up in a terrible mood because my alarm didn’t ring!!! But I motivated myself to keep going & not take my anger out on the kids. & the kids were happy & the sun is shining so that’s motivation enough… Another hilarious post, also motivating… X

    1. That’s a motivating comment. You sure did well. It’s really hard to keep cool when one is in a bad mood.
      Thank you ❤️ I am glad I could give you some laugh today 🙂

  6. Artemisa007 says:

    XD Motivating, yeah!

    1. Thank you 🙂

  7. He he.. a very creative take. Liked the way ‘takes’ took the role. 🙂
    A very nice read.

    Phone battery, it scares me at times. rare. Else, I am very much okay. 😀

    1. So glad you like this approach. Thanks for appreciating. 🙂
      I guess you’re one of those lucky breeds who don’t get bothered with low battery 😀

      1. Pleasure.. 🙂

        he he.. 😛

        1. 😋😀

    1. Thank you 🙂

  8. Hilarious 😀

  9. Winnie says:

    Hahaha! It was indeed great motivation 😄

    1. Haha glad this could serve it’s purpose 😄

      1. Winnie says:

        Yes! 😄

  10. Rêveuse says:

    Lol awesome post 🤣🤣

    1. Thank you for appreciating 🙂

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