And Then They Said ” Give The Dog A Pen” 📝

9:00 AM – I wanted to sleep some more. But then I remembered I had to get ready for the Ball Dance. (I know it’s in the evening but I have some serious make up goals lined up). My aim was to look flawless. Of course I didn’t want my prospective Prince-groom to run away from me. I wake up finally. Brush my teeth and make them shine like diamond. One might as well think I stuck one in there(I am hell rich BTW).

11:00 AM : It’s too sunny out there so I wear sunglasses. I don’t want my eyes to look tired. I go to the mirror and look at myself. Ahh!!! who wouldn’t want to dance with me? My walk is my best asset. (I want to say something else but I blush). So yes!!! Whenever I walk, heads turn. That’s my aura. I feel blessed. I am from a royal family. German to be precise.
I have my lawn tennis practice(I wanted to skip that today). But my human won’t give me a day off. So I am off to my practice. But before that Say Cheese. I love posing!!!

#OOTD Hot or Not?

1:00 PM – I am back from my lessons. I am panting. I need to take a bath and get some beauty sleep.

Of course I wouldn’t sleep without my sunglasses.

4:00 PM – Oops!!! I slept too much. I don’t have much time. It’s make up time. Will keep you posted.

7:00 PM – Off to meet my prince charming. I think I can hear wedding bells ringing. Wish me luck 😉

Got my hairs curled. Having straight hairs is so common now a days!!!

PS : I am Loyal, Royal and damn Rich. Will you marry me? Just asking. Maybe you will dream of me tonight. You never know.

I Heart You All ❤

21 thoughts on “And Then They Said ” Give The Dog A Pen” 📝

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  1. Hello there Dog with a Pen. My name is Biasini and my Human allows me to post on her blog site. Of course I am a horse so my perspective is a bit different from yours but I am always happy to find another four legged blogger. Did you find a Prince Charming? I don’t look for any Princes or Princesses in my life. I like being a bachelor. Bye for now!

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    1. Hello Biasini. It’s been quite a while that I made any four legged blogger friend too. I am still in search of my prince. It’s better to be bachelor for a while 😉 Looking forward to gaze together outside ^_^


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