Unconditionally Yours- Her Version 👩🏻| Series

If you haven’t read Unconditionally Yours-His Version yet, I would recommend you to read it first and then hop onto this one.

Chapter 2 : Her Version

Kathy knew he was staring at her. Of course she wasn’t dumb. He had followed her near the jewelry store as well. Couldn’t he be less obvious? Quick glance and she already had a judgement for him. Tall, fair and handsome. Extra bonus for not wearing those low hanging saggy jeans. Now that she was cautious of his presence it was hard to concentrate on shopping. She picked up a neck piece randomly and started bargaining. The shopkeeper wouldn’t agree but she wanted to come out as a strong-willed person now that she had an audience. She stood there adamant till the shopkeeper gave in. Wow!!! That was the first time she could bargain her way. This guy definitely brought out the best in her. He is a keeper!!! She laughed at her own thought. Nevertheless she was extremely pleased and that reflected in her face.

3 years into the relationship, he could still manage to give her those butterfly feelings in her stomach. Being around Ryan meant the world to her. He was the most caring person she had ever met. It was genuine and she could feel it. He was her go to person for everything. She just knew they were meant to be together. He always brought out the best of her. To be fair, the worst as well and she couldn’t help it. She was trying hard not to complicate things between them but seemed to fail anyways. Somewhere the chord wasn’t tuning in perfectly as it used to be.

R : I got you something.
K : Really? What is it?
R: Close your eyes. No cheating!
K : Done. Now faaaast please.
R : Okay! Okay! Here, take.
K : Ahan, this dress is gorgeous baby. You didn’t have to buy it though.
R : Of course I had to. It’s valentines today and you would look like a dream in this.
K : Thanks babes for the gesture but it must have cost you a bunch. You could have just asked me if I needed something. I would have bought something useful.
R : I don’t understand. You don’t like the dress? You’re happy. Right?
K : Of course I am. As long as I have you with me. I am always happy . What I meant was you don’t have to buy me something every time to fix my mood. A rose would work too.
R : You’re confusing. If I give you a present you’re not happy and if I don’t give you anything, you’re upset. I just don’t understand you anymore. I need to freshen up my mind. Going out for a walk.

There it was again. The temper. Should have just kept quite. But this happened every time. He thought buying her stuffs would make things perfectly all right. Doesn’t he understand it’s not the things that he buys for her that makes her happy. She just wants to spend some time together. Just the day before, he went out for a team dinner and he informed her at the last moment. He knew after a long days work he was the only thing she was looking forward to, didn’t even ask why her mood was off. He must have thought she was throwing a tantrum again but off late she felt he was never there when she needed him. She was losing herself. She didn’t want to. Expectations hurt. Isn’t it?

Of course she loved presents but he would rather cover up an argument by buying present rather than dealing it upfront with her. All she wanted was them to talk. She believed if you’re in love you should talk openly about your feelings. If something is bothering you let the other person know rather than shutting it down in your heart. This outspoken nature of her was getting in the way now and she couldn’t help control it. Ryan would always end up taking out double meaning for something which she didn’t even mean. Since when did things become so complicated? She wasn’t doing something wrong. Or was she?

Maybe things would be different if she stopped reacting to small things. She really wanted this relationship to work. But to make it work they both had to be on the same page first.

Love stories are meant to be sweet but what we see is just the first layer of thousand emotions that couples intend us to see. It’s time to see what lies beneath in perfecting a relationship. Up for an unconventional ride? 

Read what happens next in Chapter 3 : Done And Dusted ( Click Me)

Will they ever come together to sort out their differences or will they let it go and bottle up their feelings till something big comes up. If you don’t already know bottled feelings cannot stay put for long . Before it bursts and questions their love, time will tell whether they are Trapped In Love Or Wrapped In Love?

With the hope that Love wins this time too,

I Heart You All ❤

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    1. True. That would be the best gift but again that’s where the issue is. Ryan thinks he is already spending enough time whereas for Kathy it’s not enough. Expectations and then reality both should fall into places nowadays.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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