The Balcony With A View🌲 |Short Story

It was the perfect day. She had done all the planning meticulously. Money, Mobile, sunglasses, the envelope in her purse and a shoulder bag with a pretty dress she had been saving all her life to wear somewhere worthy. She wanted to travel light. Also she couldn’t ignore the fact that she didn’t have much money to spend. Though she made sure to buy a hand sanitizer. It was a must. She was allergic to germs (But it had more to do with the fact that it would make her look more sophisticated).

All done, Amber now waited for the bus to arrive. She had it all worked out. She would step out of the bus just near the hotel and then take a cab. That wouldn’t cost much and would guarantee a grand entry too. Her phone rang. It was her mom. She had called to ask if she had her breakfast. She impatiently replied “Yes mom, I have. I am just on my way to the hotel.” Her mom being of the extra cautious species asked her if it was at all necessary to go to the hotel to which Amber responded angrily that this could be her only chance and her mom expected her to leave that too? She had made up her mind. Her mom sighed and was about to add in some more when her bus arrived and she hurriedly said a bye and cut the call.

It was her trip and nothing would dampen her spirit. Nothing!!!

She sat on the bus. The driver looked at her from the rear mirror and suddenly she felt smaller than a peanut. It looked like people were staring at her. She sat up straight. She analysed it was the right time for her hand sanitizer act. She quickly searched her bag for that and pressed the pump a little bit. Massaging her palms together she started looking outside the window. She felt a lot more confident now.

Her stop arrived. She was unsure if she felt glad or giddy. She held her bag pack close to her. Now, only if she could get the cab it would execute her plan perfectly. Of course for her luck, no cab was to be seen nearby. It was a 10 minutes walk to the hotel. Should I? She thought hard. Ahh, what the hell. Fine, I will just walk and act like I am on the phone.

It was hot outside and by the time she reached the hotel she was dripping in sweat. So much for the show-off. She walked pass the lobby pretending to be on phone. She saw the manager of the hotel. Avoiding glances she went to the reception still doing the phone act when her phone actually started ringing. The irony. The receptionist couldn’t control her smirk. Before the receptionist could react any further,

Amber(stammering) : Oh! the call got cut and silly me thinking the call was still well.. Umm going on? (She hated when she couldn’t lie. So close!!!)

Finally she asked the receptionist for her room key. She just didn’t want to have a chat with her yet.

Receptionist : 202 is it? But aren’t you…?

Amber : Yes, I am Amber. Will you just give me the keys?

Receptionist : But how come you…?

Amber : Well the payment is made isn’t it? I am in a bit of hurry. Sorry.

Receptionist : Fine. Madam Amber. Here is your room keys. (She wouldn’t leave this chance to taunt her).

Amber took the keys and went to the room. She was well acquainted with the structure. Finally!!! She was here. She couldn’t believe she would be in this room.

She forgot how hungry she was in all the excitement. She took out the sandwich and made herself a hot coffee. She took the tray and sat on the chair and made herself comfortable in the balcony. This was the view she loved and which was going to be her companion for the rest of the day and well the whole night. She was actually living her dream.

Sure, she got weird looks and taunts for being there today but that didn’t matter anymore. She felt thankful to the old lady. Yes, she owed it all the lady who happened to notice her. Nobody in her whole life time had even cared to glance a look at her. She would usually quietly clean the washroom and leave. Though sometimes if there was nobody in the room she would act like it was her room. She would sit by the balcony and gaze outside and start daydreaming. It was one such occasion when she was caught by the old lady. Scared as much as she was but the old lady was kind enough not to complain about her. Instead she talked to her and asked her whereabouts. Amber nervously answered all her queries. She said sorry and left hurriedly, only to find the next day an envelope in her mail box.

It was a one day stay confirmation in the same hotel and in the same room. It could be a trap but she was willing to take that chance. It was her leave the next day and the old lady remembered it all.

She never did believe in angels before but sitting in the balcony, lost in the view, sipping her coffee, she remembered her Angel. Her only Angel.

PS : For all those who have met there Angel or are still waiting for their Angel,

I Heart You All ❤

© 2018 short story by MissteriosoDas

Feel free to share this story if you liked and you can connect with me on Instagram: @missteriosodas ~ Head Full Of Dreams ♥ and Twitter: Missbindas ♥

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  1. This is a good read! The opening caught me already and a clue led me to the end. The mystery was not revealed until the end. A bit of a surprise. Excellent observation and narration. Well-done!

    Liked by 4 people

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