The Battle Of Black And White 🙆🏻

Warning : Welcome to this otherwise useless post.(I think and you will agree)
Spoiler Alert : This is about the one white hair that hides all the black hair. Not racist at all. Random bantering. So apologies!

Yes, I have a white hair. Long shining single strand of white hair that keeps poking out every time I try to tug it in and hide. When people point out I say that’s my ancestors blessing but is it really? I wouldn’t know. 🤷🏻

Let me tell you this too, that I have wavy hair which adds in a lot of volume to my hair which is BTW jet black but that single strand of white hair is such an attention seeker that it just wants to bask in its own glory. To be honest it never bothered me and I didn’t want to cut it off because I really believed that it was a blessing. But now I don’t want to cut it off because my people say that would just increase the growth of white hair. How scary is that? (also confusing) 😮

Now, most of the time I am in my who cares attitude but to be honest, it does seems to make special appearance in special occasions too. Just when I am all doled up and meeting everybody (expecting some Oh! you look so great comments) someone chirps in with ” Hey! you have a white hair”. I am like – it’s a blessing dude.
Look as I said, I am really not bothered about that single white hair but it gets so awkward when people point it out . Like how am I not supposed to know about it. It’s my guest. I am literally feeding my hair with oil and shampoo once a week.

PS : No offence to those who have white hairs. I know I am going to have them too and I would gracefully accept it when the time comes but right now I really want to treat it as a blessing. Does that make sense? It’s only one after all. Come on! I cannot kill my own guest now. Can I ? Not that I haven’t tried but the experiment failed. 😛

Observation : The hair doesn’t fall off on its own which makes me wonder – is white hair stronger than the black ones? I have combed, I have shampooed and lost few black hair in the battle but this white one seems to be going strong. Food for thought? Hope the black ones win in the long-term. 😉 Also next time you see my white hair, act cool.

I Heart You All ❤

© Featured Image from Pixabay
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32 thoughts on “The Battle Of Black And White 🙆🏻

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  1. Too funny. Although I have a mix of blonde and brown I have some white in there too and no they are horrible strong. Resistant to all pulling and plucking. Funny thing I recently found one single strand that is almost the length of my hair and am not sure where it came from. Just appeared one day. I am learning to love them except for being wiry and sticking out at weird angles. LOL 🙂

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    1. I know! What’s with the wiry and weird angles? And the thing is it has the power to straighten itself on its own too.😂 God knows what it is made of. Happy that I am not alone in this battle. Thank you for your soothing words. 😁


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