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If you’re new, this is the 3rd part of the series Unconditionally Yours , I would recommend you to first read :
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Chapter 3 : Done And Dusted

Ryan was clearly upset. Not because Kathy didn’t like the present but more so because she didn’t notice his efforts. No! this time he wouldn’t sit quiet. He grumbled on his way to home. However, the more he thought about the way he walked off, the more miserable he felt. Ahh! Now why do I feel guilty? This is too much.

With mixed feelings, he went to his house. It was going to be a long lazy day. Ryan went in for a quick wash and came back feeling refreshed. Laying on the couch he switched on his phone. Several missed calls and few voice mails made his heart skip a beat. He had forgotten he had switched off his phone and by now he was sure Kathy would be in a fit of rage.

His phone started ringing. It was Kathy. Again. He received the call this time and in a calm voice as if nothing had happened said,” Hey! What’s up?”

What’s up? Like seriously? That’s all you got to say? Clearly Kathy was even more pissed with this cool attitude of his. You know what? I have been a fool to be bothered about you. Do you even know where I am or how I am? Do you even care anymore Ryan? There was a hint of dismay and sadness in her voice. It was time to talk and decide. She knew.

Look Kathy. You’re mature enough to know what is good or bad for you. So, I am done babysitting you all the time. Frankly it is annoying to report each other’s whereabouts all the time.  The anger inside Ryan was building up again.

Oh! So, suddenly I am the baby.  BTW It was you who kept insisting to update you with whatever I do which is why I expect the same from you. Do you know how much your attitude hurts me? Let me remind you that it was you who came after me in the first place, so don’t make me feel like I am after you. Kathy was desperate to make her feelings heard but she knew, she would be losing in the end this time. *Sixth Sense Activation Alert*

Yes, Fine! I proposed you first. I fell in love with you first. But I never forced you or begged you and no this is not what I expected. Love isn’t supposed to be complicated. I love you but I feel trapped inside my own body. I always end up trying to keep you happy but that’s never enough. I am frustrated. I need space Kathy. I am tired of the fights and giving explanations all the time. Ryan meant it. He said what he had been dreading to admit.

What do you mean trapped? Kathy was feeling helpless. She wanted to scream and shout at him but went a tone down for the sake of proper conversation. Listen, this is just a bad phase. Don’t throw what we have because of this silly fight. We have had so many good times worth to stay together. Don’t you think? Let’s just meet and sort out the differences whatever it is. Okay? 

Not Okay… I want to be alone for a while Kathy. I am sorry. I cannot deal with this. I think we need to take a break from us.

A long gap of silence followed and the decision was made. Ego playing a major role this time.

Okay… No I get it. I mean …umm Sure. If that is what you want… I can’t force you right. I mean I didn’t see this coming. I assumed things would get back to track like every time. But then it’s okay… I umm… got to go now. You take care and will see you around soon? Kathy’s mind wasn’t working anymore and she had suddenly lost the will to fight anymore. Not even for their togetherness which she always craved for.

Kathy! It’s not that I don’t love you but this isn’t working. Right? You’re going to be fine. Ryan was genuinely concerned but somewhere relieved as well and he hated that feeling.

 Yeah… I totally understand. It’s cool Ryan. Cya. It was a different feeling this time. She felt  stupid for trusting someone and giving her time and priority to that someone who decided to run away instead of sorting things.

Kathy kept the wine bottle at his doorstep and with a long breath stood up. She had been sitting at his doorstep the whole time. Maybe she should have knocked and gone inside. Maybe things would have been different. Maybe he would have found it hard to break up if he was facing her. Of course, nothing mattered now. It was done and dusted. At least from his end and she didn’t want to come out needy. If he needs space, so shall be given.

Kathy started driving, not knowing where to go. Most of the time when her friends would plan for something she would back out. She had always given priority to Ryan and now that he wasn’t there she didn’t feel like calling her friends. That would make her so selfish. Also she didn’t want to disclose her break up yet. For now, she needed a drink, this she knew. What she didn’t know was that drinking was just going to make her more miserable and miss that Ryan whom she wanted to hate. It just gave her more headache and troubled thoughts. How were they going to face each other from now on? They were bound to meet each other soon and that would just add-on to her pain. She needed to stay away from him to get over him but they had to attend their friends party the next day. Ahh! She didn’t want this break up to go public yet. It would be so embarrassing. They had been this idle couple. At least that’s what they showed in front of their friends. She would always boast of their togetherness and how lucky she was to have found him. But again not going to the party wasn’t the solution. Maybe she could act all was fine but would he agree? Drunk, she called Ryan but he didn’t receive. She imagined him feeling lonely too. Maybe he was crying and didn’t want her to listen his sad voice…Maybe….and she fell asleep…

Ryan saw her call but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to talk or not. A part of him knew he would cave in if he talked to her. Plus, he wasn’t alone. His friends were giving him company. They insisted on going to the bar but it was too soon to party, he felt. They were trying to cheer him up and it was working. He was feeling better. He would worry about their break up some other time. But somewhere deep down he was worried. Something was bothering him and he didn’t want to acknowledge it. Moving away from his friends, Ryan called up Kathy’s best friend Nancy and told her everything that happened. He was concerned she wouldn’t take this well and hence asked Nancy to be there for her. He wasn’t faking it. Breaking up didn’t mean he would suddenly stop caring for her and right now he wasn’t sure what was to be done. He pleaded Nancy to not tell Kathy about this conversation. She might not like that their personal life had been discussed without her consent. He knew this would mean another confrontation from her but he hung up and went back to chill with his friends.

Next day would be harder than today. With hangover and an upcoming party, it only calls for double trouble. How will they deal with it? With Ryan acknowledging the break up and with Kathy planning to act all cool like nothing happened, while their friends already knowing about the break up, could only result in one thing. Embarrassment. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take them farther apart. Or will it? What do you think?

Truly said, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Can they ever think alike? Can they ever respond to a situation in a similar way? Or do we have to make commends with this aspect itself that their will be differences and lots of compromises to make a relationship work. Yes, they broke up but will that give them the answers that they were looking for? Only time will tell if they miss being together. What will be they prefer?  Trapped In Love Or Wrapped In Love ?

Want to know what happens with Ryan and Kathy? Up for an unconventional ride?
Next chapter to be up soon!

With the hope that Love wins this time too,

I Heart You All ❤

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