Can You Smell Your Memories?♨️

Do you remember stuffs when you smell something familiar? Are you taken back to that moment when you breath and suddenly it’s the smell that reminds you of a memory?

Smell as it seems is a powerful weapon and can bring back a rush of memories. Some maybe unwanted , some very pleasant. For me if I smell something familiar I can literally travel from one place to another and stay there for a while deep in memories. Sometimes it does happen I find it really hard to recognise the smell and then I start joining the dots and only stop when I finally recall. The mind is just as stupid. It just doesn’t know when to stop.

Not always is the memory a fond one. I mostly have fond memories like when I visited Kashmir. There was a particular soap I used there and whenever I happen to smell that soap till date I am immediately taken back to that time. The scenic beauty, the greenery, the snow. What is not there to love? Such a beautiful place that you just can’t help but keep want to visit it again and again.

Then there is the smell of book. It gives me immense happiness that cannot be described. (Though I am sure most of you who love reading would relate to this easily.) Not to forget the Smell of wet soil. Anyone? It just brings back memories of rainy season and somehow my childhood days.

Does it make me sound weird if I say sometimes I want to eat a particular smell? Like the smell of petrol. I can never get enough of it. Whenever I am in a petrol pump I am that weirdo who keeps exhaling the smell of petrol like some sort of fresh air. I know it’s poisonous but I want to taste petrol. Maybe on my deathbed. That could be my last wish. What? I would already be dying. Might as well taste it and die a few seconds earlier.

I understand though not all memories are worth remembering. Like the smell of the rejected love letter or that of the broken heart. For those who can really relate to this will know that how a familiar smell can ruin ones memory too. (For a period of time till the smell goes off). Again you cannot be someone to decide which memory to keep and which to not if you have a strong nose and can remember the fragrances. One bad memory can ruin the smell of even a great perfume. Right?

Let me know if you have a strong nose too and are hit by memories if you smell something familiar. Do you like the nostalgic feeling?

PS : I know I have strong nose and add to it a strong hearing power too. Just like my dog. I liked it when my family compared me to her though. I guess I took all those dog training days quite seriously🐕

I Heart You All ❤

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90 thoughts on “Can You Smell Your Memories?♨️

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  1. Interesting post, MissteriosDas. The smell of banana and strawberry mixed together always reminds me of my grandma. I spent a great deal of my childhood at her house and she always had a fridge full of banana and strawberry yogurt.

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  2. I know exactly what you mean. I believe that scent is one of the senses most closely tied to memories, though we have slowly removed it from rank in our conscious perception.

    I was just talking with Blackbird about this the other day… We discussed the smell of vanilla, of petrol/gasoline, of bonfire, and of old homes. These can trigger vivid memories under the right conditions, far beyond memories associated to sight/sound…

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      1. True. There was this song that I’d heard quite a lot when I was reading a series called Ponniyin Selvan. It was a Tamil series originally, and I was reading the English version of it. One hell of a series, btw. Historical fiction. ❤️ Anyhow, every time I listen to the song now, it takes me back to imagery from the book. I feel like I’m living part of the book again.

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  3. I relate to this a lot…I mean a particular perfume used for some occasions, flowers for that matter or even a particular cuisine brings back lots of memories…
    And I too love the smell of petrol and new varnish etc.

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  4. You’re so right. How one smell makes us feel nostalgic! Sometimes I wish we could put such smell/scent in a bottle, keep it somewhere safe and when we want it, we could just uncork the bottle then smell and relive the memories that come with it…

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  5. Yes, I do too! Actually there’s a twist.
    I never recall the memory immediately after smelling something familiar! So it’s almost always a sort of bollywood melodramatic recap where things play in fast-rewind (and in negative colours, at that! à la the 1980’s Karz movie!) until I finally arrive at the moment with which I associate the smell 😀
    And I find an odd satisfaction in the way dogs go about sniffing things.. as if they are some child who refused to give up his/her curiosity 😀
    Great post!

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    1. Haha I guess you are a movie buff and hence everything melodramatic 😂 I could totally imagine the way you recall. I do that too sometimes. But mostly knowingly. Just because I like being melodramatic too🙈
      I love it how you quoted the dog scenario. That is so true!!! I love their curiosity 😀
      Thank you so much for appreciating 😍

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  6. I can relate so much to my experiences of smelling from your post and the comments by other fellow bloggers that I don’t have anything left to share with.
    Just wants to say to you that it is one of the best and unique posts that I read today.
    Happy blogging.😊

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  7. Reminds me of the Twenty One Pilots song Stressed Out:
    “Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young
    How come I’m never able to identify where it’s coming from
    I’d make a candle out of it if I ever found it
    Try to sell it, never sell out of it, I’d probably only sell one
    It’d be to my brother, ’cause we have the same nose
    Same clothes homegrown a stone’s throw from a creek we used to roam
    But it would remind us of when nothing really mattered
    Out of student loans and tree-house homes we all would take the latter”

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    1. So true. That would be like a dream come true. I would like to have candle too. Just me and for my family maybe. It’s also because the childhood memories are one of the purest and the best. I just crave to go back to that phase and relive the moments. We really had nothing to worry about then. Isn’t it☺️

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  8. I can relate to you since I also have a very strong sense of smell. Though I have to disagree with your first paragraph 😁. I hate the smell of Petrol. Never a fan of that smell.

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  9. Fantastic idea, the title is so unique that I curiously jumped on to it. The memories of soap, soil etc make the reader actually feel, touch and share your experiences. Brilliant !!

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  10. I recently bought a lotion that I had only quickly smelt the other day, thought the scent was amazing.
    After a few days had passed I remembered that I bought it and went ahead and put it on my hands.. holy memories, I stood there floored getting lost in a time frame in my teen years, I had this lotion before. I had “borrowed” it from a school mates house. I sat there just seeing this Memory movie playing in complete shock… It made me think of a sweetheart dance I had in 7th grade… to the point I actually remembered the kids name that took me and could see what I was wearing!

    I completely, 100% completely, feel where your coming from on this! xo B.K

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    1. Wow, even I time traveled with you. I could literally fell what you must have gone through at the moment. Such amazing things these small stuffs can do 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your memories ❤


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