When Horror Movies Give You Goosebumps👻

Acceptance Speech : To all those who find horror movies to be hilarious, well I am not one of them. Though I was quite courageous as a child( as I was told by my parents.) I could go inside a dark room and not freak out. Wow! should I get bravery award for that? However, as I grew up, the horror movies messed up my brain child and now I am very cautious to light up the room before entering it. Yeah. It totally sucks.

Let’s just say I am not a big fan of Horror movies.

Sci-Fi movies: Fine
Romantic movies: Very Fine
Comedy movies: Big time Fine
Girly movies: Well, it’s one of the finest 😛
Horror movies: A Big No-No. I just cannot watch it with my eyes open. So might as well skip watching one. Right?

I know tonnes of people who love horror movies. They find thrill in it and even if they scream out of fear, they seem to pretty much enjoy it. I try watching horror movies (of course not alone) and almost every time I find myself doing random things in mobile when I know something horrific is going to be shown. You know how you can make out with the background music and all. So that’s my way of watching horror movies but I still cannot deny the fact that even after such pretentious methods to avoid eye contact with the movie I end up horrified in the end so much that I am extra cautious while going to the washroom (very specific to not look at the mirror) or basically any other room as well. By the time it’s time to sleep I just wish that I have a peaceful sleep with no wild imaginations at all. If I happen to wake up in the middle of the night the scenes of the movie come in front of me and I avoid looking at the time because if it’s 3 AM then even God doesn’t knows how to help me.

The next day I am perfectly fine with as such no memory of the horror movie and thus I move on. It’s just that the day I watch horror movies, the ideas stick to me for the day (and night) which makes me feel paranoid. Does that happen to you? Do you think horror movies play with your mind. Do you get paranoid too at the smallest things after watching a horror movie? Come on, tell me I am not the only one scared of horror movies.

What I really want to know is do you believe in such stories and the 3 AM concept? I know I might end up get more scared reading some real life experiences but I am all ears (Err eyes) to learn something that I am not aware of.

PS: I also want to know which horror movie scared you to bits or you think is the scariest of all. Maybe I can watch it with closed eyes. Also strange as it may sound I can watch horror movies in daylight. It doesn’t scare me as much as it would have at night. So Yes! Daylight and closed eyes and I am all in for horror movies.

To all the horror movie lovers out there and the non lovers too,

I Heart You All ❤

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  1. I love horror.. I end up watching every horror stuff I can come across. It doesn’t affect or scare me.. 😂 (done with my self boasting bravery speech) 😁

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  2. Am seriously getting into horror these days. As a writer and a gamer we are in a golden age of horror. The genre has lent itself to further literature almost. I actually never went for horror first and foremost but it now communicates so much about our everyday through literature….
    We are seriously in a golden age of sorts.

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    1. I guess you’re right. The audience goes gaga over horror movies nowadays . Even in Netflix when you search a genre your hand automatically goes towards horror. (Though mine doesn’t) Can’t ignore the fact that Horror has gained a lot of exposure and acceptance. Got to go with the flow ☺️

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      1. You’re right too. Reread your post, and I do hear what you say. My favorite genre is fantasy then science fiction. I do like gothic writing a lot and I like metal music… darker the better.
        Gore etc… does little for me and I don’t find it funny. I tried watching True Blood but graphic gay sex scenes were too much. I have never liked any porn of any kind.
        Horror does lend itself to good stories and plots

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        1. I totally get you. Count me in. I am very choosy when it comes to movies and yes the makers know how to get hold of audiences attention. Romcom movies have become so common now that it’s time to rock the horror movies.

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  3. Due to some strange and quite frightening paranormal experience (fortunately not very often in my entire life) I really hate to view horror movies. In general I think such stuff stirrs up the mind but not in a positive sense. Bye, bye @ Ulli

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      1. Yes indeed, experience with PSI (destruction of objects without any reasonable background) and things I do not like to talk about. One lighter and more harmless experience will be featured in my blog lateron this year. All this rather subjective perceptions of course, but the PSI incident a matter with a real effect in the material world. Do not ask me why such things happen, and I am also not looking for it, I would be happy to have not made such surreal experiences (that is my wording for it).

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          1. A lot of matters in the world are completely not to be connected with any kind of logic such as for instance Donald Trump and what he is doing. Nothing strange at all in history but in his case also a pure horror show.

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  4. I’m not that afraid of horror movies but once I saw a movie name The Hills have eyes and it freaked me out. I was so scared ( it wasn’t a horror movie) that I didn’t want to get off the couch. I was scared for two whole days.

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    1. Wow! The fact that it wasn’t a horror movie but it still managed to scare you makes me curious. My instant instinct wants me to search for this movie now. I hate horror movies but something tells me I should give it a try. (even though I know I am going to regret it) 😶😓

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  5. When I was a kid, there was this TV series on either Saturday, or Sunday night that my parents and my aunt and uncle would watch. Naturally, I wasn’t allowed, but I managed to catch a few glimpses here and there, and it freaked me out for a while. It was about a woman, who wore a mask during the day, and took it off during the night. (That was the part that creeped me out – the mask taking off – and the prospect of what’s beneath it.) She was in some sort of car (?) accident, and her face was ruined. As an adult, I don’t think it was a horror. Probably more of a drama. But back then, it terrified me.

    As a teenager, I loved horror movies. Nothing scared me. As I got older, I realized that horror movies are only worth watching if they have a good plot. Psychological thrillers are so much more compelling. Watching a horror just to get scared isn’t fun. I need substance.

    Advice to you – watch a horror movie during the day, when it’s light and bright outside. It will help.

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    1. Even I wasn’t allowed to watch horror shows as a child and it really didn’t bother me then. It was when I was in college and my hostel friends would sit and discuss all true life events and that gave me goosebumps. Phew 🙈
      Yes the light definitely helps. So every time there is a plan to watch horror movie I insist on watching it at daytime. It does help. Thanks for suggesting 🤗

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  6. Aww.. Such a fun post!❤

    Well, I am a horror freak and one of the brave ones in our house, the excitement is too much to miss! 😉

    Tip – Watching a horror movie on “MUTE” helps! 😉

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  7. I think “Paranormal Activity” was pretty scary. It also fits in the 3 am concept. An old badly dubbed and acted Japanese movie called “The Green Slime” was my 3 am freakout as a kid. Think giant squid with electrified tentacles and a BIG RED EYE running around on a confined spaceship. I saw that eye every night in bed for days.


  8. Watched just one horror movie – Kaanchna (Tamil) 😅 . It’s banned in my house! My parents don’t like them too..

    But Bollywood Ghost films are great…Ghost films not horror films. The movies with Friendly ghosts I like them.

    Did you ever try reading horror Books? I’m gonna try Stephen King soon. Would love to learn whether horror works without the sound and visual Effects.

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    1. I have read books like Goosebumps by R L Stine as a child. That was pretty much scary too but I loved reading them. I don’t remember reading horror books recently but that’s the most I can recall. Those were perfect for me then and trust me, horror books work too. The mystery in books are more because movies end in like 2 hours but in books you have that constant wondering of what’s going to happen next.(but then depends on the book) Let me know your rating for the book you will read. I will think about it too☺️


  9. Freddy Krueger still scares the bejesus out of me as a adult.
    I do love Horror movies.. or I guess the way they make me feel and my mind react. So I guess I like the being scared feeling.. but still refuse to sit through a Freddy movie.
    I Dream a lot so Im assuming thats why my mind goes overboard with Krueger.

    Babadook on Netflix is pretty damn creepy too.
    Psychological Thrillers are pretty intense, I like those just as much. Watch one called Skeleton Key, with Kate Hudson, in the daylight.. totally worth the watch.

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    1. Wow! Thank you Bianca. That’s a lot of recommendation. I am going to try watching them one by one. (hopefully in daylight and not alone) I already know I am going to be scared but let’s give a try☺️
      Psychological Thrillers can keep you glued too. I always find my heart beating fast. Babadook really sounds creepy. I will watch the trailers and decide which one to watch first🙈


    1. Hahhaa, I just laughed so hard reading this. I am the one who gets scared in every horror movie and here you’re. Trying to get scared yet nothing scares you. I like this attitude 😀


  10. I love horror movies! It’s my favorite movie genre! 🙂 And they’re all in my head when it’s time to sleep! Haha! So I make sure I tuck myself well in bed and hope not to wake up at 3AM because they say it’s the devil’s hour. I’m not sure I believe it but who know! 😉

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  11. I totally get you about that 3 am, never had issues looking at the clock when awake during the night. That changed since The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I happened to be awake the next day after watched that movie and looked at the clock showing 3 am and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. So I have now learned to never look at the clock if it is still dark 🙂 But, I still have that love – hate relationship with horror movies these days, watch them out of curiosity and getting creep out later on.

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  12. Horror is so cool. I enjoy horror movies… I mean, I’m yet to see a really really scary movie you know. Let’s see when that happens.
    Horror has a totally different meaning to me…
    Movies like ‘Cockroach’ and ‘Joe’s Apartment’ – now those are horror movies for me. I’ve only barely managed to see the trailer but ewwww 😦 I hate them, the movie and everything to do with those eekie creatures… I absolutely hate cockraoches.


  13. Horror is my favourite movie genre. Although, the movie has to have a plot and MUST follow the proper horror movie rules. The rules explained in Scream. They are spot on. My fave is the Final Destination series, for a good scare. Freddie vs Jason is the one I literally howl at, it’s that funny.


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