To Break Up Or Not With The Accidental Soulmate 🤕

Statutory Warning : Not breaking up with the mentioned soulmate in this post can be injurious to you and your surrounding.  Call me heartless but let’s get rid of it before it starts haunting you for life. 

I will come straight to the point. Do you believe in soulmates? I know I do.
Now, it’s really a hypothetical situation but if you found your soulmate you would want to stay with them. Right? That would be the best kind of situation – having your soulmate full-time in your life. But what if you don’t want this togetherness? Is there a way out? What if your soulmate doesn’t let you go. Does that mean you’re stuck together forever? Maybe? Maybe not. Who knows. What I really know is that I cannot have my happily ever after with this Soulmate of mine.

It’s not that I feel unwanted. It’s just the opposite in fact. Never have I felt alone because I always have something that can keep me busy. I am never bored because it can keep me amused all the time. I can actually cancel plans without feeling guilty by saying I am busy (taking care of myself). You can say I am being stalked because wherever I go, it stays by my side. Of course initially it was a little alarming but I got used to its company. I don’t remember when and how it started but now I cannot imagine my life without it. The worst part is I don’t care for it but it can hurt my feelings a lot. Like bring tears to eyes (without any fail) almost every time.
Now you really want to meet my soulmate. Right? Fine. It’s little shy though. Never comes out openly but also never fails to embarrass me in front of others.

Introducing your highness – my Clumsiness!!! Yes. Like literally if I would have to name my soulmate without blinking eyes,  I would have to say it’s clumsiness. What did you think? :X

Anyways, I  think I am its favorite. Why though?

Usually people can perform normal tasks like walking , talking , shopping without any abnormal events. But not me. I can fall on my face while walking , talking and shopping simultaneously. That’s true. To state one instance , it happened during my college days. I was in a mall, shopping with my friends when I slipped and fell on my face and got flat on the floor like lizard in a wall. (In my defense the floor was slippery.) That is a misfortune one might say but talent if repeated more than once. Do I need to say anything more?

Okay! One more.

If there is a cup placed beside the sofa and even though there is ample space to walk past it, somehow my feet will get attracted towards it and I will end up kicking and breaking it.(RIP my 3/6 cups of the set).  Now that we are on the topic of breaking glasses, the reason I change my phone yearly is not because I am a mobile freak but because even after buying a ring holder for my phone, it manages to slip and damage the screen every time. :-X

Wait! Still not convinced? Okay! One more.

Once I tried to multitask with a plate full of food in my right hand and bottle in another. Rest is history. 😛 

So now that you know my situation and why do I call it my accidental soulmate, it would be great if you could suggest me tips and tricks to stop breaking stuffs and instead break up with clumsiness. Trust me, I can be alert and all but still end up flat on my face. Sigh!!!

PS: Is Clumsiness your best friend too? What’s the worst that it has done to you? Let me know so I don’t feel alone in this. 
Clumsy or not, 

I Heart You All ❤

© Featured Image from Pixabay 
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54 thoughts on “To Break Up Or Not With The Accidental Soulmate 🤕

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  1. Well, I was used to be like that during my schooling, I tried not to concentrate “on breaking” part rather I would just assume “Everything is broken”, so I would move through everything breakable without actually breaking them. Just Brain games. Internet-breaking post though, keep up the humor!

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  2. I used to be really clumsy … then I went to the doctors & found out I had vertigo! So all the times my mum used to cuss me, there was an underlying medical condition! She felt very guilty… it’s now control with medication when it gets bad…


  3. I had a feeling it would end that way.
    I really enjoyed the humor behind this post.
    I think we can all be clumsy to an extend. Some more than others, though. I have no idea. I know some people who grew out of it mostly. Others cannot. Just try to have your eyes open and be mindful of your surroundings. Be present. In the moment. Don’t daydream.

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  4. LOL! Thank you for this. I understand completely. Although I don’t usually break anything I have this habit of falling UP stairs, not down, Up. Who does that? I fall going up stairs all the time. I don’t know how to remedy this so I’ll share what keeps me from thinking I’m a lost cause. Psalms 55:22 says, “Throw your burden on Jehovah, And he will sustain you. Never will he allow the righteous one to fall.” Although we may stumble the important thing is that we get back up. God won’t allow us to fall permanently ☺️

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