What Kind Of Animal Are You?🐯

Warning : Comparison of animals and humans ahead. If you’re one of them(of course I mean Animals) then this post is not intended to hurt your emotions.

Have you ever been told which kind of animal you’re ? Maybe when you broke something in your house, your angry mom compared you to some animal stating even that animal is well-behaved but not you. Or maybe when you scored less in your Math exam, your father compared your brain to that of an animals?

My father keeps telling me I am a Goat. I don’t blame him though. I keep doing such things to justify his saying. Like when I was small, there was this phone call for dad. My dad told me to inform the person that he was not at home. So like a good kid I told the person that my dad has told me to tell you that he is not at home right now. My father having heard this immediately got up and took the call. My mom and sister on the other hand could not control their laughter. My father joined in too and told me jokingly I was a goat. Now, do you blame him for saying me that?

It wasn’t until few days back that I finally came to know what actually GOAT means and that it turns out everybody wants to be a GOAT. It’s pretty awesome. Yeah! You heard me right. Supposedly there is this ongoing debate among the footballers of who the goat is and surprisingly they all want to be the goat. It all happened when Messi from Argentina claimed himself to be the Greatest Of All Time(GOAT). However, there came contradictions when Ronaldo from Portugal played a breathtaking match and sealed the title of goat for himself. Now come on, all my life I have been the goat. Do you think I should just tell them to back off?

I am very possessive with me being the Goat. That’s something I have earned with lot of hard work(Read : Stupidity). I am glad my dad felt I could be the greatest of all time 😉 Let me know if you have ever been called a goat or as a matter of fact any other animal which you take pride in. It would definitely be fun to know.

I Heart You All ❤

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76 thoughts on “What Kind Of Animal Are You?🐯

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  1. Great post. Yes, my father also told what chinese animal I was since I was kid. Interesting isn’t it?? Sometimes when I read the animal description it probably true and reflect our personality- ha..ha…

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  2. In the only shamanic trance I attended a fox appeared to me, but I give a shit on it because I am secular and not a fox. Nothing against the fox especially, quite intelligent and tricky. But I am more happy about plants, so may be I am a cactee or banana tree. Goats don’t like that. What do you think?

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  3. I think you need to tell them all you have held the title longest and they need to back off. LOL When I was younger my mom said ‘Jay I can always tell when you are coming as you sound like a herd of elephants.’ I have since learned how to walk softly.

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  4. “….So like a good kid….” hahaha, another dope post! 😂😂 I can’t recollect any such thing from my side, but I’m sure there’s something like this that has happened. Happens to all of us 🙂
    Besides the GOAT is my horoscope presentation of my birth date (Capricorn)


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