Playing Board Games In The Age Of Video Games🔎

Spoiler alert : Busy weekend ahead. Found the house and shifting in progress. That explains a lot. Isn’t it?

Meanwhile, I learnt a new board game Scotland Yard. It’s basically about 5 detectives and 1 thief. The detectives can work together to get hold of the thief. The only thing is that the location of the thief is hidden. The detectives have to assume where the thief is and if they are able to detect him then they are the winners else the thief is. Also there is three mode of transportation for the detectives : Bus, Taxi and Underground. The thief has four transportation. The fourth one being Black ticket (water transportation). The thief will reveal his location in the first round and then the detectives have to figure it out. The only thing is that the thief will keep giving hint by the mode of transport. Of course I have just told the overview of the game. If you haven’t played scotland yard do go through the rules before and let the mystery begin. 😀

I am always in for new games and I love playing them. Let me know if you have played scotland yard? I would definitely recommend it. I know it’s the age of PS4 and all but I feel board games connects me with the real people. The pleasure of playing with your friends and family together is unbeatable. The constant bickering and cheater shout outs is missing in video games. Don’t you think so?

I Heart You All ❤

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  1. I much prefer the board games, I don’t care for most of the video games that I have tried to play. Possibly my being 62 now has something to do with that reality though, I wasn’t brought up on video anything. I never sat down at a computer of any kind until I was 42, almost 43.

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    1. I can understand. Board games are definitely fun. It helps connect with people instantly. I love video games too but only when I am alone. ☺️ Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it 🤗


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