When It’s All about Monopoly And Travelling 🚅

You know you have spent the most amazing weekend when you don’t go out at all and spend the whole day with your family playing Monopoly Deal. I tell you that’s one addictive game. I had to postpone my packing just so that I could play one more game of monopoly. (I won BTW. Quite a lot of times) 😋 Have you played Monopoly deal? Not the board game (that can just go on and on) I prefer the cards anytime. What about you?

Coincidentally I made a super amazing soothing drink(which I made from scratch) and it is a saviour for you in hot summer. Maybe I will share the secret recipe with you all someday. Right now I am just basking in the glory🙈

I did complete my packing and I am travelling by train for a change this time (did not have a choice). I am sure flight couldn’t accommodate 10 luggages ( yes, you heard it right) just for me(not to forget the addition of money for each extra kg). I don’t want the airline to be damn rich just because of me. 💁

Though I haven’t travelled in a train for such a long time, I am really looking forward to it. I have the whole room to myself as well. That adds as the brownie point. Somehow I sleep really well in trains. The swing effect acts as a lullaby and relaxes me that I find myself sleeping peacefully. 🚅

Is it just me or even you find good sleep in train journeys too? I haven’t really travelled this far in a train before but have you? How has your experience been. I did buy a book to pass my time and hopefully your stories in the comment section will help me too.

I Heart You All ❤

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44 thoughts on “When It’s All about Monopoly And Travelling 🚅

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    1. Yes a lot of luggage. That’s the maximum I could take with me. I have already taken two naps and off for another one😴 I can well imagine you making your poetry notes. The quality of your poems suggest how deep you’re into it☺️

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    1. They are a great pass time. I would highly recommend you to play monopoly deal. It is to be played in groups and all the rules are mentioned in the card itself. So you won’t find any issue and I bet you will be addicted to the game as well. 😃 (Not that I am trying to sell you the game) 😂

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  1. Gosh, did you bring everything in your house? 😁 that’s a lot of luggages you got there..

    And definitely, I love monopoly too. My first board game. A gift from mom. Of course the best part is owing most of the properties, building houses and hotels. Then you’ll just be counting money as your opponents land on your properties 😁

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    1. I kind of took all my clothes. 5 trolleys to be precise. Don’t judge me yet please 😛
      Have you played the cards version of Monopoly deal? You must try it. I am sure you will love it more than the board game 😀

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      1. Oh that’s really a lot. You must be a fashionista ey? 😊

        I haven’t tried playing monopoly the card version. I played monopoly online though. Haha. And the board one. The problem when it’s online, when the internet goes down, you’ll be kicked out of the game. Haha. That was way way years ago. Hahaha

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        1. I like the sound of fashionista. haha 😀
          I remember those days. Also playing UNO in FB. That used to be real fun. I played with my sister and her husband this weekend. They weren’t knowing of it before and now they just cannot stop playing it. I am getting spammed by them through messages with the number of properties they are making. It’s like I created a monster out of them. LOL 😀

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          1. Oh I didn’t play in fb though. I did play in pogo.com. 😀 But that was before during college days. I played bowling as well and chess. Haha.

            Maybe you should sharing some fashion tips too on your blog 😉

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  2. How long is this train ride going to last? I normally don’t sleep during my travels. Especially when I’m travelling alone. I’ve never heard of the monopoly card game, either. I looked it up and it does sound promising. CongratZ on the packing sucess. I made some progress this weekend, too, but still have a lot to do the next couple of weeks.

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      1. Oh…I had visited your blog and even went through some posts but couldn’t find the Challenge posts 🙈. Maybe I needed to go a little further. 😜 . But I’m glad you’re doing it. Thanks. Can’t wait to see what quotes you relate to.

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