What’s Your Definition Of Being Stupid? 🙈

Drinking is one thing and being sensible after drinking is totally another thing. Well you can’t expect so much from the same person. Right?

A drunk man calls up his wife and tells her he cannot come home. Out of curiosity (or suspicion I would say) she asks why?

He replies there is no steering wheel in the car. Even the break, the clutch,the accelerator, in short all the car mechanic parts has been stolen so he won’t be able to reach home.(I am assuming Uber didn’t still exist).

His wife is still confused, however decides to agree with him and says fine, take care.
Few moments later the man calls again and tells Honey, I am coming home.

Wife, now super intrigued asks how?

To which he replies : I sat on the back seat by mistake. 🤦

We have all been stupid in our life. I won’t believe if you say otherwise. In fact to make Stupid sound cool in my school we had defined STUPID as :







So even if someone told me I was stupid I would utter these glorious words in defense. How cool? 🙈 I can proudly say I love being Stupid. Can you too ? After this definition I guess nobody would mind being one. Let me know if you’re one. And what’s your definition of being stupid. Does mine sound better? Also the next time someone says you’re stupid you know what you have to reply💁

For everybody who is Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand,

I Heart You All ❤

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40 thoughts on “What’s Your Definition Of Being Stupid? 🙈

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  1. A drunk man was confronted by a police officer in the midnight.
    Police : where are you going at this time of night?
    Man : going to attend a lecture on the bad habit of drinking too much.
    Surprised police: who is going to deliver the lecture now?
    Man : my wife…..

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  2. Somebody , Nobody , Brain, Mad and Fool were five friends living in the same room. One day somebody killed Nobody so Fool called the Police to inform the news. Meanwhile Mad was reading the Paper and Brain was in the bathroom
    Fool : hello police station
    Police : yes
    Fool : Sir Somebody killed Nobody
    Police : sorry what
    Fool : Sir Somebody killed Nobody
    Police : Are you Mad
    Fool : no sir Mad is reading the Paper
    Police : you fool
    Fool : yes Sir I am fool
    Police : you stupid where is your Brain
    Fool : sir Brain is in the bathroom.


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  3. Stupid is subjective. I think most can agree, though, that a complete lack of common sense (like, say, putting yourself in unnecessary danger for no reward or reason) would be pretty stupid.
    I do also believe that stupid people often think themselves smarter than average and generally think they know a lot. I forget who, but someone once said something along the lines of; stupid people know they know everything, while intelligent people know they know nothing.

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