And The Dog Just Wouldn’t Let Go Off The Pen. 📝

I see you have come back to peep in my personal diary. But I guess it’s OK. After all I am a blogger dog.

7:00 AM : I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. These birds always disturb my dream. (I was just going to kiss my prince charming.) I better chase these birds away. That has become my daily task. I am definitely not a bird watcher.

8:00 AM : I need water. My tongue has rolled out from all the running. I think my human is awake. Finally!!! These lazy people. They just eat and sleep.

8:30 AM : I am hungry now. My humans are having tea. I wouldn’t go near it. I used to be a curious pup. Then my human let me sniff her cup of tea and it burnt my nose. Grump. I have learnt my lesson. What doesn’t suit my nose, doesn’t suit my stomach. Period.

11:00 AM : I am done with my breakfast. I will chew some grass as my desert.

I love sitting here in summers. I feel cool.

11:15 AM : Why wouldn’t my human just let me chew the grass. I had a moment with the grass. Not that I was attacking. But who clicks a picture when you’re eating. Wuff!!!

#Embarrassed. I am not ferocious. Everybody has that one bad pic. Right?

4:00 PM : I am really tired and sleepy with all the chasing and chewing. I will be back after I complete my nap.

5.30 PM : I woke up. I will go take my evening walk now. I have noticed a trend with humans where they click selfies after waking up and claim to look flawless(you know how!!!). Well to be honest my human does cheat a little bit. Who wakes up with lip gloss and mascara ? Anyways, I will be true to you guys.

This is how I wake up. I didn’t even brush my hairs. Perfectly natural.

I think my right profile pictures are always better. My human just won’t understand. Do you have your favorite side profile too? The one side where you always tilt your face so you get the picture perfect? Maybe I will try some new poses next time.

PS: I hope my human doesn’t read this post . She will have me grounded. For Sure!!!

If you want to read what I wrote in my previous page please click : And Then They Said ” Give The Dog A Pen” 📝

I Heart You All ❤

My human has Instagram account too. Feel free to Connect with her on Instagram:@missteriosodas ~ Head Full Of Dreams ♥ ( She did read this post while I was going to publish and forced me to publicise her ) Humans!!! (Rolling eyes )🐶

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