When Your Dream Is Trying To Tell You Something 💭

I did it!!! I slept till 10 Am. I now know what it feels like to be well slept. I knew there was a thing called being well read, but my acquaintance with being well slept is new and I am loving it 🤗

Do you see dreams in your sleep? When I was quite small I used to see Mickey Mouse stabbing Donald Duck.(I don’t know why I remember this particular dream but it feels so funny now). I don’t know what it meant. Did it mean they were rivals. Lol(As a kid who cared) Now I try to find out the reason to my every dream.

Just like some relationships even dreams are complicated now. I start from somewhere and magically end somewhere else with no relation(no sense) as such. Sometimes horror dreams take the life out of me. I know it’s just in the mind. But it’s still scary. Right? Suddenly you wake up at night after a terrifying dream. You tell yourself all is fine. And then do the terrible mistake of watching the time. It’s 3.00Am 😨 Now no matter how urgently you want to go to the washroom you can’t. You won’t. When you somehow fall asleep and wake up in the morning, the dream doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. It’s all right because you have light around you.

Such coward is our mind. Or is it just mine? It’s like we have tamed our mind according to our surroundings. Irrespective of it’s actual relevance.

Today’s dream was epic. I saw I kept going to the washroom but still felt the need of visiting it more. I went to the loo for 3 times in my dream. The height of laziness!!! And then I actually woke up to find that I do have to go pee for real. Who dreams that?🙄 Moreover, what was it trying to tell me? I figured out it was trying to tell me that it’s time you did your business yourself and not in dream.(obviously) 😛I understand, you can’t achieve everything if you dream. You have to wake up, get up and strive to achieve your goal. Wow such an inspirational dream. Who would have thought that? Only me maybe. 🤦

On a serious note, do you think our dreams imply something in our life?

Do you have any weird funny dreams that you remember. Would love to know and maybe laugh together 😂

Happy Sunday 🍷

I Heart You All <3

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  1. tintins says:

    I often wonder what the subconscious tries to impart in dreams. I’ve looked up meanings myself before. Certainly interesting!

    1. It really is interesting to study about dreams. I have met people who say they have dreams rarely. I find that amusing because I on the other hand very frequently dream.

  2. I LOVE dreams♥️. The stranger the better!

    1. I know. It’s double the fun to remember your weird dream😀

  3. puzzleblume says:

    All people dream in their sleep, even if they can’t remember enev one. Mostly there are 5 times per night, the brain is busy to process the cumulative “data” from the past from afar and from just the day before, plus the anticipations for the future. For our consciousness should not be disturbed while sleeping, all this work is packed into symbolic pictures, words and strange contexts, so we think: “just dreaming” and go on sleeping.
    Nobody has exactly the same ways, these packages work for him. Someone who loves spiders won’t be afraid of one appearing in a dream, someone else would be horrified, but for both the animal might signify quite another thing, ti think over.
    To me, at times it was helpful, not just entertaining, to have paper and pencil near the bedside, to write the keywords down for thinking the dreams over later. I coul only tell, if someone is harrassed by nightmares recurrently, which are definitely not the results of some film seen before, it is worth a try, to catch those dreams and look, from what they are made, first to get rid of them and second to cope better with the problem in reality.
    Which does not mean, that there wasn’t a lot of funny nonsense as well, because even a brain sometimes likes to play when left alone in the house, like a kid.

    1. Wow, you seem to know so much about dreams. I am really pleased to learn from you. I for once can say that I was really perturbed by The Vampire series(which I loved to watch) However I would end up having terrifying dreams. The moment the series would get over I would get back to being normal. It was one such series which I just couldn’t stop watching even though I wanted to because of my dreams. I do agree some dreams can really help us analyse our current situation. And maybe prepare us too.

  4. Sage Keegan says:

    I am one of those people who hardly dream. There is a scientific reason behind it. There are phases of sleep and it follows a pattern. There is Rapid Eye movement during which the body relaxes completely and the mind is at work and we can observe a sleeping persons eye movement being rapid – this stage should ideally be 25% of our sleep, then there is a light sleep from which we can be awakened easily and it forms 50% of our sleep, the last part is the one which is Deep Sleep, ideally it should be about 25% of our sleep and it helps in resting the mind completely.

    While Deep Sleep helps in the recovery of mind and aids memory, REM helps in recovering from physical fatigue.
    We dream during REM stage mostly. If one tends to sleep less overall, there is one or the other stage that becomes short. Hence we may feel irritable or still tired depending on which sleep stage wasn’t completed during our whole sleep. Now since I sleep only for 4-5hrs mostly, I don’t get enough REM and hence I don’t get dreams or they are so short that I can’t recollect them.
    However, each time I’ve been able to catch long sleep, I have very funny dreams. Totally incoherent, involve real life people from home and work and are totally insane.
    So today was such a day when I woke up from my sleep while I was still almost dreaming.
    The dream was that I run towards my car which is a tiny looking Red hatch back vehicle and I sit behind the wheel with about 10 of my family members running after me as if we are tying to rush to a place so as not to get late. Thy all perch themselves Somewhere or the other in the car apparently very comfortable and my brother…..who by the way is a 6ft tall guy, sits on the driver side window, one foot inside the car and the other outside and says, “guess we are all now seated, you can start driving!!”
    I mean can you believe this. Hilarious and totally absurd. Ha!

    1. That really explains a lot. I often wondered why is it that I dream so much while there are others who claim they don’t dream. I really use to think about the logic here. Now I know. I am so glad you explained it to me. Some dreams really don’t have any explanation. The funny ones. I can totally imagine your dream😂 Good you remembered it so we could know. I do hope you drove the car afterwards 😀

      1. Sage Keegan says:

        I woke up after that…. guess it was too funny to be true and I couldn’t take it even in my dream. Lol

        1. So true. It was funny and I love funny dreams. I laugh out loud literally when I wake up. 😀

  5. Baffledmum says:

    I have that same dream about the toilet & often I wake & need 2 go! I used to read into dreams a lot, even read books about the meanings behind them, there’s also a lot of superstition behind them… Nowadays I’m just happy to sleep & don’t think about my dreams, lol! X

    1. Such a task right. When you know you already did that in your dream 😀 Even I like to read about dreams if I happen to see a peculiar one or out of the way kind of dream. More than believing on something or being superstitious, it’s just because I find it fun to know what can be the cause and what could have triggered it. I can sometimes feel it is because of the junk food that caused the junk dream. Lol. It’s good that you no longer analyse it 😀

  6. John says:

    I have had flying dreams, no aircraft needed!

    1. You must have been a bird in previous birth 😀

      1. John says:

        Perhaps, and it’s happened more than once too!

  7. I hate dreaming. If I dream during my sleep I don’t know why but I end up waking with a headache.

    1. Is that so? I love to dream. And if I happen to dream something that I like and somehow wake up, I force myself to sleep again just so I can complete my dream😀

  8. Laura says:

    Many of my dreams are prophetic, especially over the past few years. I have one reoccurring dream about the same shopping mall being lost in it, I’ve never seen this mall before but in my dreams. Last night I had the dream again only this time my late mom was with me, I felt comforted and shared other things with her. I wonder if this dream is related to feeling lost in life since she passed away and trying to find my path. I recently moved back to the state that we lived in as a family, when this dream with her occurred, maybe now I am finding my way with her help. 🙂

    1. Maybe a little help from your mom was what you needed. I am sure it’s got to do with whom we are attached so much. Feeling helpless is natural when we loose someone. I am sure you will find your way now that you know your mom is by your side❤️

  9. I think there are different types of dreams. Usually I think dreams are our brain processing information and storing it in a better way, a bit like a computer defrag. However sometimes I believe that the subconscious mind has picked up on something and is trying to tell us something important.

    I dream a lot. I had a dream about my Uncle flying a plane and crashing. He isn’t a pilot or anything so the dream was an odd one. It turned out however that my Aunt had bought him a flying lesson for his birthday and the night I dreamed this was the same as the day he had his lesson. He didn’t crash, thank goodness, but apparently they did report a fault with the engine. How weird was that?

    I also dream frequently that I meet Queen Elizabeth. Not only do I meet her, but I have dreamed this so often that we are friends in the dream. She once confessed to me (in the dream) that she detested the English National Anthem!

    I once dreamt I was a 1920’s socialite with a beautiful dress made of silver chains and diamonds and black bobbed hair, and my father was a multi millionaire but had disinherited me because I was a loose woman. How dramatic!

    Dreams are amazing things and I cherish them.

    Enjoyed your post.

    1. You so vividly remember your dreams. I loved each bit of it. Couldn’t agree more that dreams are amazing. Sometimes maybe with hidden meanings which we are still not sure but how it can relate to a situation some where is really strange like the dream where you see your uncles plane crashing. It might as well give goosebumps when you think the dream was so close. Right.. I am glad everything is fine though 🙂 Thank you for sharing your dreams. Definitely worth cherishing 🙂

  10. Graci says:

    I’ve discussed this with Anand before, a fellow blogger. Personally, I think dreams are our subconscious thoughts. I also have most likely dreaming about someone or something if they were present on my mind that day, e.g. a person whom I’ve been thinking all day. But yes I think dream has meanings too.

    1. That has happened to me too. About a situation I have been thinking a lot, maybe I get a dream regarding that. Weird as it may get. Maybe all dreams don’t mean a thing. But some definitely do. 🤔

  11. I saw I kept going to the washroom but still felt the need of visiting it more. I went to the loo for 3 times in my dream. The height of laziness!!! Lol.

    1. Did you have the same dream too? 😀

  12. I had a dream once where i was sleepwalking on the road .

    1. 😀😂

  13. Your Micky Mouse and Donald Duck dream made me laugh!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I remember this so vividly and double funny because I remember the exact scene too!!! 😀 Wish I could demonstrate and show. 😂 Glad you liked and laughed along ☺️

      1. Dont demonstrate the stabbing lol ive already tried to picture it and porkey pig turns up as a nurse and saves Donald!

        1. Now that is new. It’s my turn to imagine porkey pig as nurse😂 Declared: Movie of the year ☺️

  14. I have vivid, colorful dreams and nightmares! I often wake up, be it 2am, and Google meanings while they are fresh. I believe God uses dreams just as in Bible times and symbolic dreams are my favorite. Those and dreaming of my husband ♥️

    1. Sometimes dreams can really surprise you. And also warn you at the same time. Even if it means nothing it’s always better to be cautious ☺️Even I end up googling and either it scares me or makes me laugh hard 😀

  15. Love this part especially : “It’s like we have tamed our mind according to our surroundings. Irrespective of it’s actual relevance.” On a side note, sometimes when your bladder fills up, and you have to wake up, your mind makes an entire story in the seconds that you are slightly conscious. I’ve felt that once when the door bell rang – I dreamt that I had gone and opened it and when I opened my eyes, I realised my mom had opened it and I was lying there, staring at the fan.

    1. It has happened so many times. With so many new stories. Haha..🙂 Thank you for appreciating. Glad you liked it.

  16. aliada2 says:

    I believe dreams do have a message in them. I sometimes have crazy dream mashups (like four at a go) and sometimes I also find myself waking up panting and gasping for air. I almost always look for meaning to my dreams. I will soon be doing a post about dreams – follow my blog to look out for it

    1. I will surely keep a look out for your post on the same. Thanks for visiting ☺️

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