What’s Your Extent Of Laziness? 🛀

Whoever said phone is for convenience? It’s definitely not when someone calls you on a weekend at 8AM. It’s like who does that? Fine, must be important (I think) So I receive the call in my sleepy voice which I think is very 1/cosC=SecC (but again I find it true for all the sleepy voices.) Do you think so too ?

Coming back to the point. I say Hello, and in comes a chirpy voice Hello Madam, it’s from some XYZ bank(Why is she so happy? 🤔(I really don’t care after that ). You can understand my frustration here, right? It’s preposterous!!! Another weekend sleep gone in vain. Sigh!!!

Looking on the brighter side, the day is finally here. I feel like we are long lost friends (Weekend and me). I might as well say I have a childs excitement when we meet. We bond immediately.

However it’s one of those days when you just don’t want to wake up. Have you ever felt so lazy that you don’t want to get up and take a bath? Well it is one of those days for me. (but I will, be rest assured ). The reason being it’s movie day and I want to spare the audience. Hence the bath is necessary (not that I stink. Duhh) I also plan to stop by star bucks. What’s your favourite drink? Maybe I will try that.

I will get up now. It’s time. Let me know what is your extent of laziness. Have you ever skipped a bath or just had a bath for the sake of having? I know I have. (but shhhh!!! That’s a Top secret).

I Heart You All <3

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63 thoughts on “What’s Your Extent Of Laziness? 🛀

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  1. Yep I feel so lazy at times that I pray to get fever. Only so that I can lie down the entire day and do nothing.. 😁😂 On my lazy days I wait to charge my phone till it doesn’t get down to 2% and have bath just for the heck of it. I avoid eating and survive on drinking milk and juices as I sometimes feel lazy to even chew food… 😂🙊
    I love Java choco chip coffee from Starbucks it’s available here in India. Which country are you from and is it available there?

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    1. I wait till my phone doesn’t switched off too. And then I have to get up and put it in charge. That is such a task😂 I think I am not that lazy for food provided I get ready made food lol. And I am from India too.

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  2. My favourite drink is a simple, strong, black coffee! & my extent of laziness is always asking my boys to make it for me! It’s so difficult to go to the kitchen, boil the kettle & put 1 heaped spoon of coffee into a mug! Thank God they do it… X

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            1. My all time favourite series is Friends. I can never get enough of it. I can watch in umpteen times and not get bored😀. Other than that I love Korean series(with english subtitles) 😀 The last one that I watched was In the heart of the sea and luckily the whole series was out. So did not have to wait 😀

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                    1. I tried, but I’m not really into Lee Min Ho’s acting. I kind of stopped watching Korean dramas these past couple of months. Nothing has caught my eye. They all seem to be the same, and I’ve been getting tired of seeing the same actors and actresses on screen. The last dramas that I liked was “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “Dual” and that’s it.

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                    2. I watched that one already. The Korean and Taiwanese version. I’ve been watching Korean dramas for as long as I can remember. Have you seen My Girl or Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? They’re funny.

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                    3. No I haven’t yet. Now that I have a recommendation I am definitely going to watch it. My friend also suggested me to watch Five Enough, My girlfriend is a gumiho and My father is strange. I haven’t yet started them so not sure.

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                    4. I’ve never heard of Five Enough. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was a little too fluffy-cute for me. I watched a bit of My Father is Strange but never got the chance to finish it. If you like comedy, I also recommend Marriage, Not Dating. That was LOL, hilarious. Kill Me, Heal Me, was pretty funny too, once you get past the first 15 minutes of the first episode and the heroine stops screaming. Another Oh Hae Young was pretty good. I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese dramas, lately. I currently really like Wu Xin: The Monster Killer for Chinese dramas.

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                    5. Never tried Chinese dramas. I think ai will like that too. And yes any drama that is comedy is the best for me. I will definitely try these first. I am so excited it’s like I have been shown the path of a long lost treasure 😀

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      1. Hahaha! When my alarm beats me in the morning (which happens very rarely because I always, always wake up before my alarm!), chances are I won’t go to work. My day kind of feels wrong already and I get too lazy to get my ass out of bed! I don’t get to do anything on weekends, too, if I haven’t gotten out of bed yet past 6:30! 🙂

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  3. I wake up before 5:30 on weekdays and yes, 6:30 is the latest on weekends. I don’t know why I’m like that haha! Even when I’m so tired the night before, I will still wake up at the same time. What’s even funny is that, the same thing happens even when I drank the night before. It’s crazy! Or perhaps that’s what being a morning person literally meant??? 😀

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