When You’re Hungover On Weekend But Need To Move On🍹

Trying to get some Self Monday Motivation. Still hungover on weekend(and maybe little bit of cocktail-not much of a drinker here). There is a reason you shouldn’t party on Sundays. It makes Monday a lot more hard. By partying here I mean I was at my sisters place and her hubby makes this awesome cocktail which you can’t say no to. He is very possessive about his secret recipe though.🤔Anyways, I became a spider-woman soon afterwards. That’s my way to say I am done and dusted.

To tell you the truth(no judgments as such) I am not a big fan of alcohol. Though it’s fun to see other people’s madness (but again only if it’s under control).

I had a blast this weekend which is why getting over it so hard for me. On my way to office and I am already late. But I guess it’s okay.

Stopped the car(no, I am not text driving) because of the traffic. I see this lady standing in this scorching sun looking for a bus ride. Let me disclose a bit of myself. I don’t like long bus rides and definitely not if it involves waiting for in the sun. I have this love hate relationship with the Sun. I did try but it just seems impossible for me. I feel so lucky at times. There are so many who don’t have the required mode of easy travel. We forget how much we have. We always strive for what we don’t have and in the meantime forget all that we have at the moment.I thank God for all that I have and am back on my track. Would have offered the lady a ride but she had to go somewhere else.

I guess I did get my monday motivation now. A little push is all we need. What do you think of Bus rides?Do you like them? Let me know if you found your motivation yet or are you still hungover from weekend?

I Heart You All<3

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  1. I agree that its so important to count your blessings! We get so caught up in life and always focus on things we don’t have but in truth we’re surrounded by things and people that we should always be thankful for! I think bus rides are fun if you take them early morning while the sun is still rising 😊

    1. Yes we should be thankful for everything ❤️So aptly stated.and maybe some day I will rise and shine before the sun shines😀 I will definitely try the bus ride then.

  2. Baffledmum says:

    Do I like bus rides – No. Do I like alcohol – Yes! But I also hate the recover after so tend to take it easy nowadays… We sometimes forget how much we have that others don’t, it’s only then we realise how lucky we are. X

    1. Thank you for not liking bus rides. I don’t feel like a stranger now. Btw I am still recovering in office. Managing it quite well😂 and yes we are lucky 🙂

  3. adultraising says:

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I don’t drink much these days (except maybe a special occasion) and I certainly don’t miss the hangovers. However I’m quite familiar with the bus as I don’t drive! I do still try to avoid them though.

    Every Monday I get myself all psyched up to get motivated. This is going to be the week. I know it!


    1. Monday can be monstrous😂 still we need to get the motivation somehow. Maybe I will give the bus rides a try again. How was your weekend 🙂

      1. adultraising says:

        We went to the cinema with the Kids to see “Peter Rabbit” and then out for lunch. Sunday was a ‘snow day’! We are having some very odd weather here in the UK at the moment!

        1. Wow snow!!! It’s too hot in India right now. Send us some snow😀

  4. Chris.Lemos says:

    My mantra in college was, “I drink to get drunk”. Not anymore though! Lol.
    And more than bus rides, the Mumbai trains between 9-5pm are the ones I dread. Not missing any of that in UK!

    1. Thankfully I never had to travel in mumbai trains. I do see in news though. It looks so tough. I wouldn’t be able to travel for sure. Good for you 🙂

  5. It’s been a long time I had taken a bus ride. But I did dread with long ride that made me want to sleep inside the bus with all the people surrounding me and worse, missed my stop because i overslept in it! 😆

    1. Hey, this happened to once too!!! I was new to the place. With no idea where the bus was going to. I was so tired, for a moment I fell asleep and next moment I know, I had missed my stop and had to again take another one to go back. 🤦

      1. I think we all had that moment! 😊

        1. Glad we are on the same page 😂

  6. Crystal V says:

    I’ve been hungover the past 3 Sunday’s! It’s typically not like that, but because of how events fell it just happened. Yesterday’s lasted in to Monday though and that SUCKS! I feel your hangover pain! Not a fan of bus rides myself, but not much opportunity where I live.

    1. Hopefully the coming weekend would treat us better. Thanks for stopping by 🤗 btw Where do you live? I guess I have the opportunity so I can cut me this slack. Else would have had to deal with them too.

      1. Crystal V says:

        In Wisconsin, the bigger city nearest to us has public transportation but I live and work in the county.

        1. Oh great. I just returned from my work right now. Phew

  7. shoniessky says:

    I hate all rides actually.. Lol I’m serious. I hate long trips, even short ones now that I think about it. I think I’m way too impatient. Also I hate being too hungover but it’s a hell of a lot of fun sometimes. Like you though I agree, Sunday is the wrong time if you have to be up and ready moday mornings

    1. Seriously, I was sleepy throughout my office and once I reached home I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep. Irony of life😂 I like road trips(off late) but bus rides really tests my patience too.

  8. TechFlax says:

    Bus rides in Bangalore 🙏🙈. Awesome journey. At least will make out weekend ☺️

    1. I can sense some sarcasm coated with sugar😂

      1. TechFlax says:


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