When The Weekend Thinks It Is A Weekday🤦

There is something wrong with the weekends. The more I intend to sleep, the more I find myself wide awake early in the morning. What is it with the weekends? They are the official sleep days, right? Why does it have to be so jealous of me 💁

The case is different on weekdays. I can sleep and sleep like a hog. The alarm goes on and off but that isn’t enough it seems. I can easily fall back to sleep. What’s the algorithm going on one might think. I wish I could trick the weekends to think it is actually a weekday. I think it has got the concept wrong. Sigh!!!

Am I making any sense to you?

I wouldn’t think much now that I am awake. Time for some self-pampering. Let me paint my nails. Something productive you know.

Meanwhile, I heard my mom talking to dad. She is planning to buy a bed and its mattress. And since they are not able to find the price list online I offered to help(tech genius that I am). So I step in and contact my detective in control(google of course). I am still searching(to tell you the truth equally in vain) when my mom confidently tells me I found it. Hah!!!

I am surprised and my dad is full of praises. So I shift my places and see what she has to offer. There it is written below the image: Bed mattress price list 2018. And she tells me as cutely as ever, the price is Two thousand eighteen 🤦 I start laughing and pinch her cheeks. It’s just the year mom!!! Embarrassed she blushes.

I am still angry with my bed. I need to put the blame on someone. So Peppy it is. ( I put a name on everything). I also named my TV Stevie 🙈 Makes it more personal you see.

Let me know if you too have this weird habit of naming your stuff. Would love to know.

PS: I still have my sleep mode on but I will patch up with Peppy only in the night. 🥂

Happy Weekend!!!

I heart You All <3

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Thankfully I don’t have this problem on Saturdays… I sleep! I don’t rise for the day till 11am! It’s great!!! It’s the 1 day I did sleep in so I make the most of it… X

    1. You’re the lucky one. I wish my system wouldn’t mess this up . I want to sleep till 11am too. Sighh 🙄

  2. This was such a cute post and I also name everything 😂 and I’m the same way, here it is Saturday morning at 9am and I’m wide awake 🙄

    1. So any interesting name in your list? 😀I just love it when someone name their stuff. I can totally understand how you feel getting up that early🤦I hope your day goes well. 🙂

  3. hasham khan says:

    I feel ditched by the weekend sleep aswell I can totally relate lol

    1. Feels good to know that😂

      1. hasham khan says:

        Hahah it always feels good to have someone with the same problem right one feels a little comfortable

        1. Totally!!!

  4. You are hilarious 😂 you crack me up 🤣. Did you ever find the price of the bed?

    1. Thank you 😂and actually no. Thanks to google, We did go the mall later on only to find the shop had got replaced by some other shop. 🙄

  5. Bill Ziegler says:

    We like to name things by color. 15 years ago we had a car called “Brown,” and it keeps that name forever — “Do you remember when Brown…”
    But confusion can bring much fun too —
    “Mr. Ralph pooped and made a big mess.”
    “Who is this Mr. Ralph?”
    “He’s our cat!

    1. That would be fun when you say in front of strangers. Their expressions would be worth noticing 😂 I can just imagine!!!

  6. Enia says:

    I have exactly the same, I can sleep during weekdays but when Saturday comes, I wake up at 6am!!! That’s how early I’ve been getting up for the last 8 years 🙂 From time to time, however, I can make myself sleep till about 9am at the weekend;)

    1. I don’t know why this has to happen. Such a shame that we don’t get our well deserved sleep😂 Should officially change the weekdays to weekends!!! I wish. Lol

  7. I love this post so much, because my father who is my absolute best friend, does the exact same thing, he gives names to everything. Its super cute!!! Your not alone! 😄

    1. You should start naming things too😀 It is super fun too. Thank you for appreciating. I don’t feel alone now 😂

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