Memories Down The Lane – The 90’s Kid

Ever happened? Suddenly you wake up and you’re time travelling. Memories you can say are like Uncle Chips ~No one can have just one!!! Ting Ting(the music is ringing in my ears, can’t help).

Flashback : Running across the room was Snowy(My first ever dog) and Me. Snowy was a white Pamelion. I was quite small then. 3-4 years maybe. Teasing Snowy to catch me while I jumped from the sofa to the bed(which was quite high) and Snowy being a small ball of fur was unable to jump that high. Amidst all that fun, I used to occasionally tumble upon the toys scattered around and for which I was going to be in dead trouble when mom saw. But then I have a elder sister. So it kind of made me escape from all the brunt of anger, then and even now.😂 After All I am the younger one. Err most definitely not the innocent one but shhhh that is not supposed to be known by everyone.🙈 I can hold on to a innocent face for quite a long time. I am pretty good at confusing others with my timid look. Now that I think, I should call my SIS and Thank her and say Sorry at the same time. Lol👭

I have been a lucky kid. With my family and friends by my side, I have always felt blessed. It’s funny how when you’re a kid all you want is to grow up fast and be an adult. I had the illusion that world is so much better being a grown up. You want to fit in your mom’s heels and your sister’s classy clothes. But the kid doesn’t know adulthood comes with a claus. Once you’re an adult you have to take care of so many things. The responsibilities increase exponentially. And even your elder sis can’t save you from most of this🤦

Well being an adult does come with some pros and cons. What do you feel? What would you prefer. Your childhood or being a grown up. Let me know 🙂

PS: Have you ever been saved by your elder sibling or as a matter of fact got into trouble because of your innocent little sibling? Looking forward to some great stories to unfold!!!

I Heart You All<3

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is great.

    1. Hey thank you ^_^

      1. Sadah says:

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  2. Baffledmum says:

    To be a child again would be amazing. Such an easy life with no stress apart from what to play next… I’m an older sibling & I got my younger sister out of so much trouble! She knows it, we always talk about the silly stuff we did growing up & she’s thanks me for taking the blame… X

    1. It was so much fun. I feel having someone to grow up with is always better than being the only one. We are lucky. The stories become more spiced up 😂

      1. Baffledmum says:

        Definitely… X

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