The Shortest Horror Story Of My Life

Ever happened to you? It’s weekend. The weekend you had been looking forward to ever since Monday showed up(the dare it has got to show its face every now and then). You’re relaxing in your home. Wearing pajamas, a book by your side. Your Dog is the only companion you could ask for. Maybe something to sip and junk food to gobble up. You’re perfectly fine with this lone time and while people may call you boring and non happening, you’re perfectly fine with this peace around you.

You’re doing great and just as you’re lazing around, someone rings the BELL!!! Your mind starts its calculations who might it be. If (a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2 and a2 + b2 = (a + b)2 − 2ab then it might be the neighbours asking for some sugar and they might leave if I just give them the sugar. But what if √x, √y are quadratic surds and if a + √x = √y, then a = 0 and x = y then it might be my mother’s sisters grand daughters local guardians coming to just eat my head. I am now petrified. All these calculations just made things worse because you actually don’t know what the hell are you even calculating!!! 💁

So I tip toe to the front door and see through the peep hole. Heart beats fast. I take a long breathe and see finally who it is. I heave a sigh of relief. Hahhh!!! It’s just the pizza delivery guy. I feel bad now, in between all those calculations I forgot I had ordered Pizza. The pizza looks at me dismayed. I kiss the Pizza and gobble it up to show I still love it.

The sweat from my forehead is now gone and I go back to my comfort zone hoping no one bothers me unless I demand of 😎

Lesson learnt: The guests in our real life can be somehow avoided by hiding in your house. But the inevitable guest Monday will come back again and again. And you cannot save yourself from it’s grip.

What’s your escape plans for this weekend. Let me know 😀

I Heart You All ❤

25 thoughts on “The Shortest Horror Story Of My Life

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  1. Amazing! Fantastically written, you really had me wondering who it was going to be. Lol! My mind does the same when my door bell rings…
    I’m escaping to see my mum this weekend, it’s mother’s day. X

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