The One Where Heart Beats For More Blogs

Any social site can be super addictive and to my surprise I have become addicted to blogs leaving behind FB and Instagram. (Though I still worship Instagram because of the inside gossips and stories of celebrities, but somewhere the essence of FB seems to have lost). So while earlier FB stood 2nd in my line of social sites, now it has slipped to 3rd. Not that FB is bothered by that in any ways. It doesn’t give a shit for the rankings I give 😂

Is it just me or once you share your thoughts you keep coming back to look at how well your blog is doing. The mind is a restless place. Was I able to grab someone’s attention? I might be the new kid around the BLOG(If you know what I mean) (not that I am a kid anymore but somehow it seemed to fit well in the phrase) 😋 I don’t know why it needed justification. LOL. The overall gist : Maybe I am new to this, but I guess even the amateurs go through the same. The goosebumps and all. Let me know what you think once you publish your blog.

Apart from the fact that it’s a pure joy to read great articles too. This place is a readers delight. Let’s just be honest. I have found a fruitful way to utilize my time. For now Online Shopping has taken a side line and whenever I get time my hand magically and automatically opens WordPress without even 2nd thoughts. Well whatever keeps us happy. Isn’t that the whole point.

Is this love? I think I am blushing🤗 😂

I Heart You All ❤

20 thoughts on “The One Where Heart Beats For More Blogs

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  1. I think we’re all in the same boat. We all want to know someone is interested in what we write, that’s why we constantly check out stats! Lol. But yes I too love reading everyone’s blogs, it’s how my evenings are spent! X

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  2. Posting a blog is exhilarating!! It’s an adventure! Putting your thoughts out there is scary, especially because you don’t know how others will react… but that’s the beauty in it

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