The One Where You Help Me Win An Office Debate

Tell me how you deal with mid-life crisis at job? As much as I hate to admit, I am bit of a workaholic (Also a Shopaholic) . But the latter is just a way to ease myself from all the burden that I like to take on myself.

It’s going to be 8 PM IST and I have been working since 9 AM IST and though I just reached home, I connected my machine immediately to get back to work. I am seriously tired and could do with some break. Is it just me or even you like to work but then get tired of it as well!!!

Office can be monotonous and while I write this, I just checked my office mail and it seems I am up for a debate tomorrow on “Today’s woman is not bounded by the Society but by herself”. I am like WHATTTTT!!! WHEN and HOW did that happen???
Wait now I remember, tomorrow is Women’s Day and we did get a mail with different Polls and sleepy as much as I was, I ticked on the Debate button. Gosh, the way tables turn. The valuable lesson learnt : DO NOT SLEEP READ YOUR OFFICE MAILS 😛

Talk of mid-life job crisis. Who knew writing this post would actually create one.

So I guess this post is going to be about the debate now. How would you win this argument? Help me out guys 🙂

I Heart You All 🙂

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