The One Where I Lost The Point I Was Trying To Make!!!

The other day my sister (who by the way is equally insane) suggested I should start a blog because supposedly I can write well. Now I could do that but the thought of blogging and coming out to the world can be a bit overwhelming. Not that I am shy or anything . I jell along with almost all kinds of people (pretentious , over-friendly, head eater, pain in the ass, bored-to-death people) . In fact now that I think, I might actually belong to one of the above category . I think I just lost the point I was trying to make!!!

I haven’t written since my Dogs loss from my life. I might as well accept the fact that I lost the will to paint( which I love to) . Painting runs in the blood of our family. Spoiler Alert – According to my family I can paint well too!!! Parents you see. Whatever their little ones(who are no longer little anymore) create is marvelously amazing and worth selling 😀 You can’t deny them when you know it’s the truth. LOL. It was time I deserved some self appreciation 😛 As again, I think I just lost the point I was trying to make!!!

I hadn’t thought of the Title until I noticed that I kept deviating from the point that I was trying to make. It seemed to be an interesting Title. Let me know if you think so too. But not sticking to a point, does that make you lose interest in an article? Food for thought. Let me know that too. I think I could do with some Tips to increase my views and get some blogger friends. That sounds COOL.

PS1: It’s HOT in India right now and I can do with some COOL comments/like/subscribers . Duhhh There I go again. This ain’t YouTube!!! What’s wrong with me today. #grump -_-

PS2 : I just proofread this article. This has got to be the most random one I could have written. What was I thinking? ^_^

PS3: These are not gaming consoles. Laugh if you get the joke 😛 Else Ignore. Just trying to be witty 😀

PS4: The Featured Image has got a point to make though. “Stay Focused” the Camera said.( I begged to differ) 😉

Have The Most Amazing And Fruitful Day Guys.
I Heart You All ❤

58 thoughts on “The One Where I Lost The Point I Was Trying To Make!!!

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  1. I love your style. You are very honest and refreshingly open. I think the title leads into the humour in your post, but perhaps in future titles, keep the humour, but cut the length a little. I like your stuff, your family is right about one thing: you can write.

    Where abouts are you in India? I came back from travels there not long ago. Absolutely fascinating country–but I did learn it’s not worth buying any light-coloured clothes and wearing them as they all turn brown in the pollution XD! xxx

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    1. Thank you so much. I will keep your feedback in mind in my next post. Also I would love to give you some more insights on India as well 😀 Where you in Delhi when you bought the clothes? It is polluted I have to agree. But most other places can be bearable :p btw I am from Calcutta !!! Rest is top secret 😂 Where are you from?

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      1. I was in Jaipur and travelled for a month around until I reached the boarder of Nepal. It was wonderful! You should write a post about Indian life, it would be fascinating. I didn’t manage to visit Calcutta, but my aunt and uncle have lived there for a while. They adore it! I am from Britain. It is very rainy and cold and foggy atm! Yuck!

        If you get a chance, I would be grateful if you could check out my site:

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        1. I would love to show you India blog style. I was planning on writing a blog of one of the places I travelled recently. It would be great if we both can know something from each others place 🙂 Does it snow there? It’s too hot here right now. Btw I am unable to see your blog. Don’t know why 🤔


          1. It was snowing here yesterday. Last week we had a big storm called Emma or something that swept over the country causing almost everything to come to a stop in the snow blizzards. It was named ‘the Beast from the East’ and apparently quite a few people died. I couldn’t imagine it being really hot, but how nice would it be to swap places for twenty minutes and respectively warm up/ cool down 🙂

            I wonder if my link wasn’t working to my blog, does this one work: if not, click on the icon next to my name. xxx

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            1. That sounds perfect. If only we had magical powers. Would definitely swap places and the first thing I would do is make snowman😂
              I hope the Beast from the East dint cause you or tour near and dear ones any harm. It really scares me. Stay safe.
              I tried to follow you too but your blog is coming as protected site. And I have sent the request. Did you get any approval request?


              1. There is only one protected on and it is a legacy site. This Door is Alarmed is the one that is worth following. The other one requires access 🙂 Thanks for the follow–yey!

                Ooh, yes, we could make a snowman. That sounds like fun. I haven’t done that for so long. Totally underrated! Thankfully my near and dear are fine, thanks so much for asking! xxx

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                    1. Going through your blogs and loving the story.👌 Can wait for the next post. Would love to learn your artwork too😀 Might come handy if I want to talk in a secret language. Btw thank you.. I agree I can be a chatterbox sometimes.. Can’t help it🤦


  2. Maybe there does not need to be a ‘Point’. I like the friendly conversational style. (the PS3 joke got me 😉 ) Blogging is kind of weird. It feels good to self express and share, but vulnerable too. I had troube getting started because I felt that it would be perceived as arrogant “who do I think I AM that people would want to read my thoughts”. YET – it’s ALL connection, and connection is SO important. I say – WRITE even if you weren’t good at it. Even if you have NO idea what you are actually saying. Becaise it will ‘speak’ to someone! 😀


    1. Hey! thank you so much for appreciating. I am so glad you stopped by. You can definitely go for Canon 750D. It captures great videos and pictures. 🙂
      I am checking out your blog right now and I am loving it 🙂

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