|I miss you|

Dogs are a lifeline. Mine was my lifeline.. She still is..will always be..

This has gotta be the shortest of the blogs but written with the heaviest of the heart, with eyes filled with tears. The only song that comes to my mind is : Here I am, Once again…I’m torn into pieces…

I guess I can never express myself regarding this to anyone.. I love you my lifeline always. I am sorry when I wasn’t there for you. I miss you..I love you…

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Beautifully said & beautiful dog. I lost my German Shepherd few years back, broke my heart… Have another in my life now & love him as much. X

    1. It does hurt a lot. I still tear up thinking of her.They are just the best.

  2. Srijan says:

    hello, beautiful! this was sad! i hope you’re well now!
    and i was wondering, what is your name? 🙂

    1. I am much better now…
      Well my name is still a mystery so I guess you have to go by my blog name☺️

      1. Srijan says:

        would you mind, if i wanted to write for you somewhere? 🙂

        1. It totally depends on where and about what though. 🤔

          1. Srijan says:

            gmail would do for me. and about you 🙂

            1. Since I prefer to maintain this identity I am afraid this has to be the only platform. 🙂

              1. Srijan says:

                i guess it’s not meant to be. take care!

                1. Take care!

  3. Nomadosauras says:

    I haven’t ever had a four legged friend at my home but I always do meet one (or three) during treks. The most memorable one has to be a canine who accompanied us for 30 kms over two days! It was heartbreaking to take her leave so I can understand your pain 🙁

    1. I agree. It’s always hard to say goodbyes. And knowing it’s for forever, it is harder. Dogs are the best companion one can ever ask for. ❤️

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