|Giving Motion To Your Emotions|

I am not so afraid of my own death as much as I am petrified of losing my near and dear ones.
Is it so in everybody’s case? Or is it just me getting paranoid even if I come to know of someone dying not even close to me. I am known to be quite a lively girl. You know the type who lives a tension free life. But this one thing just gets on my nerves and sometimes gives me sleepless nights.
Why is life such ?
Is it always karma?
Shall we ever find peace after losing someone?
Eventually we might because we do not have any choice. But the pain of knowing that someday you’re never going to meet the person, isn’t it a bit too much unnerving?

You say it out loud or not, the fact is We have taken many for granted. It’s true. You cannot deny and that is what bothers me . Even I have become so self centered that I sometimes I ignore this aspect. But then these thoughts creep in. Tragedies in which we could not convey our love to the person , or let them know for the last time what they meant to us. Just for the sake of our inner peace that yes at least we parted with no hard feelings. This is very important!!!

It’s not always that you’re in good terms with the person and might have ended on a bitter note, but don’t you think that person not being there would affect you even a bit? We can always give it a try to mend things so that the guilt and the pain doesn’t affect us.
You never know what is next in store for you.. do you?

Let’s make an attempt to stay in touch with all. Lets build this habit to show affection whatever form it may be. A hug, A kiss, A text, A reminder, A walk holding hands, A whisper saying I love you.

Don’t think How, Just Tell them Now.

PS : It includes our Parents, Siblings, lovers, Friends and anyone and everyone.

Hope you guys have a wonderful year with your loved ones and God bless us all with a healthy life 🙂

I Heart you all Peeps!!! <3
Spread on this love guys.

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Feel the same, such a terrifying thought! X

  2. charisma says:

    Your words are so true. Someyimes, I wish, I’d die before my parents, siblings and my close ones die. That way I wouldn’t have to bear the pain of losing them. But then, they might me thinking the same! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Even I wish the same. Let’s not think any of it right now. Just give me goosebumps.. 😶

      1. charisma says:

        Better not. It’s dishearting! 🙁 🙁

  3. Over the years human has always tried to forget about death, human has tried not to think about it.. have managed and planned in falsifying death.. but there is no way to escape from it because death is not something which will happen in future.. it is happening each and Every moment.. from da day one born, starts dying, although it complete in future but actually death happening every minute.. there is no escape whether it is one person or his/her loved ones or whoever…

    It is totally meaningless to escape by closing eyes or trying to save yourself from death… Postponing death by saying it will happen in future is not the solution it is happening with every breadth one takes…

    One need to consciously see the death and once a person is capable to see and accept it, he she will know what actually is dying… Death is on the circumference and life is at the centre, how one can reach center ( life) if he/she run away from circumference…

    If you run away from circumference you will never be able to reach the center of being..

    Finally i would like to say it requires conscious seer to see the death not the thinker (philosopher).. be conscious and the moment you see it, you will get the LIFE center too..

    For more visit my post with Following link, hope you will like to read..


    1. I understand we cannot escape death, it’s just that I am not scared of my own but of others. It’s really hard to accept it. I am sure there comes a time when you move on but still…
      Thank you for expressing you thoughts in this. I am going to look at your post now ☺️

  4. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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